Really think about that, guys. Like, this channel used to be literally all about customers crashing car rentals and doing wild things. And now I start this chicken restaurant and everything's going great and then boom.

Car drives through the damn restaurant.

How does this fell follow me? You literally can't make it up, but it's pretty exciting to build new chicken restaurants.

And to be honest with you, that.

Car driving through the restaurant is, although very shitty, good for publicity because our store the following day did three times the revenue because it put us on the news and that was really awesome. I'm here in the car wash right now. I'm getting the koenig seg ready for rally number three, which is going to be epic. We're going to go to mammoth. We're going on a cruise, we're going everywhere. And I'm going to see the final product of the scuba veron in La. So I've been telling you guys, has been at the dealer for six months now and it's finally ready. We had a really wild issue with the AC, and the AC controller in my car was malfunctioning and they replaced it to replace it.

You guys see the whole damn car apart.

I mean, really a split in half. It almost but the controller was malfunctioning and going back and forth with the timing and the engineers and bugatti and everybody else, they had to finally figure it out. Took six months. So we have full blown AC in the car. We did have one bad line, and these are new parts that I bought from bugatti. So they were sitting on a shelf probably for like ten years. So I don't know, maybe they weren't, like, new new, but it's pretty new. So, Mario, what do you got?

I'm just excited for this rally. I know you're gloriously excited.

I'm excited to have a vacation. I've opened five chicken restaurants in literally, like, eight months. Like eight months, five restaurants. And I've got three more before the end of the year. It's not easy to open this much restaurants, like, in this short amount of time, and I'm kind of doing 93% of the work.

We got to get lunch real quick and then we're going to go to.

One of my locations.

That is a building that we're going to build.

I don't own the building, we leased it.

But I'm going to meet with the landlord and talk to him about the new design because I do not want to build any more drive through. This one's originally going to be a drive through, so I'm looking at building out all my stores of alcohol. Now, at the end of the day, it's a more profitable scenario and it elevates us above what would normally be a fast food type restaurant.

In the.

Car for a few weeks now. What would you say is your favorite feature? Well, the aesthetics are my favorite things.

I do not like are these glass.

Panels above my head. It's too hot in Vegas, too much like sun in my eyes. Plus I wear glasses and so there's a lot of glare. Second thing, the gearbox is absolutely horrendous in this car. There's a lot of latency, a lot of jerkiness back and forth when you're driving slow. This is the updated software as well, so I can only imagine what it used to be. It's not small. We're are absolutely ridiculous. Literally ridiculous. They're the worst ring for any car. hypercar or anything that I've ever experienced. The mirrors shake a lot. They're very cool looking, but you can't see out of them. They just go like this all day with the wind, which is very difficult to see out of sometimes. You do get a good visual on them, though. Yeah, I mean, they're big, right? Just great. These here, wonderful. You know, they just they're very curved and they're really nice. They actually provide in the coating segment this big. So we got the three inches extra on those ones. stereo in this car is terrible, which is really weird because it got very high end equipment, very nice sound. There's an optional subwoofer, I think, for some of them.

I've seen them come with the subwoofers, so I think that plays a big part in it, having the upgraded sound system. But for a few million bucks, I mean, I really want a nice radio.

Everyone's going to say you're not supposed to listen to music in the concept.

Well, all you hear is turbos. So without me thinking the downpipes, all you hear was all day. So I don't know if that was the importance of this particular car. It feels like a regular car to me. Like it has like the drivability factor of a regular car when you get.

In a koning sag.

Like the air conditioning doesn't really work. I mean, it's very visceral. You can't really drive it slow. It makes excessively loud inside the cabin.

You know, I'm going to make a video of what I hate about my Konakse egg. And this video right now is going to be what I hate about my pagani, right? And then we can compare them and.

We'Ll see then we'll make one.

What I hate about my beyon.

That one will have zero items on the list.

They'll walk you, since having this meeting, a little bit sneaking at those of you that don't know. There's the Dutch Grows right across the street, which I don't know if you guys have a Dutch grows in your area. It is growing to be a very, very large coffee company. Every single time there's a wine that's at least 1015 minutes long. And that right there brings a lot of great traffic. And then you have this right here. It's going to be a corner lot, standalone building. As you can see, the space is pretty huge. There is a street right there that they can potentially build a drive through. The reason they're meeting right now is because, as you heard earlier, houston does not want to do a drive through. So they're seeing basically what they can do with that extra space, which will probably be an outdoor patio. As you guys can see, the visibility from the street is absolutely incredible. By the way, if you guys don't know Vegas, this is Blue Diamond Road. Someone's getting pulled over right there. This is Blue Diamond Road. It's one of the busiest streets in Las Vegas. Don't call me on this.

You can look it up. I guarantee you there's probably 100 plus thousand cars that pass this street every single day on the way to work, on the way home, as well as eating, shopping and things like that. So prime location. I think this will be one of the top three locations in Vegas out of the eight or 9th stores that they're doing.

Another wild day, as you said. Hot chicken green valley. A little bit of an incident. Somebody got a little too excited for our hot chicken sandwiches, ended up coming over the curb and ended up driving into the building here. Let's take a look. So we're going to jump in here, talk to police officers, find out what happened here. But as you can see, we kind of went right into the kitchen here, right into our area.

All right, so there was bombs, there was explosions. It was going crazy. I held it down. I had my M four. Everything solid. We got it together.

Hey, you here with us at houston's.

House chicken on Green Valley. Quite a day we're having. Lady came driving through the parking lot.

A little too fast.

She hit the gas, thinking it was the brake. Came straight through our window. The sound was the loudest bang you've ever heard.

Everybody'S okay?

Luckily, thankfully, she's okay. But we're dealing with getting everything fixed and taken care of, so we'll be back with you on a few days. As you can see, the car is out. That's all the damage done, houston, this is the problem. We're going to get it fixed up. We'll be back open and running probably.

One or two days.

For the meantime, come see us at Hand Road 95, location for all your.

Needs, and we'll be open here shortly.


Top news stories. Oh, my gosh. We just had a very dismissive argument. Tony thinks that lightning and thunder are two different things.

Are you snow? No. That's what you two said.

I don't recall.

Yeah, that's what I thought. Thunder is the sound of lightning hitting stormy. I can't believe you guys.

Explain it to us as a scientist.

Yeah, please explain it to us, Houston.

How do you calculate how far away.

A storm is when the lightning strikes? You just count. And then how many miles of the way is you just count. When do you stop counting? Whenever you see it on the lightning?


How about when you hear the sound? Because sound travels at X amount of miles per hour.

That's not true, Tony.

Oh, okay. So we all know who was right. College education for you guys, I'm driving evently.

But Tony school.

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