We were gonna make it. Oh, yeah. The restaurant is gonna be close for a while. For three and a half. I'm down. I also negotiate the ability to send my car back to the factory. Well, it's that time.

Monterey road trip.

Stop what you're doing. Like this video. Subscribe to the channel if you haven't already, because we are going to give away more golden tickets. 14,000 likes gets you guys another giveaway for more golden tickets. What I want you guys to do on this video, hashtag Quail down in the comments, 15, 14,000 likes. And get to activate this golden ticket give you.

Well, it looks like we're pretty close. We're running into edmond and edmond. We have no plans to meet up until he gets a monterey. He was going to go to fresno and look at our fresno location. I think we're just going to run into one of the freeway. Totally possible. I mean, kind of makes me want to go to fresno now, but not really because the Bresto is all the way over here. You might just wave to them on the freeway and make a left. We were going to make it. I passed him at 76 miles an hour to 70. what'd you do this time? You have tinted windows. I'm like, what the dude like, I'm in California with a Nevada car and tint is legal and all those are some nice ferraris right there. We got some good background. Yeah. What a joke, man. Like tenant windows in California. I have a Nevada registered car. Or actually Alaska registered car. The tent laws in Alaska.

Thank you, officer.

Most of us won't give you another ticket. All right, thanks, sir. Going dance, boy. Let me check a skin. This guy's on a tinting screen, man. This is really a finer.

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So we made it to monterey. We're at the airbnb and, well, we're really tired from driving all day, so today's going to be more of a chill day, but the action starts tomorrow, so we'll see you then. Want to vlog, guys, but I'm going.

To force him I'll vlog today. It's all right.

Lift it up. Lift it up one time. Wow.

That's the pretentious part. Mario, I'm going on this new wave. I'm going to be humble from now on. Okay. All right, quail to look at some cars.

The new kodak seg the new bugatti.

Quail is overrated. What? Someone has said pebble Beach is overrated them. The new bottom, though, it looks exactly the same to me, but I hope it's a little bit different. So we're going to spec that one right now. And I just did a white on orange. So my 22 is white on orange. I liked it super cool. But I did the white on pink with the cullinan, and I think we go black with this black on white with some gold accents. I don't know, that's where I'm feeling.

So you can actually now get the black detail on the front, right? And you obviously have the black extension around the details. So we don't do a black badge for a phantom. So this is a way of being able to get that kind of new option that we have. Is the bumper different new wheels on it as well. The bumper isn't necessarily different, but the only thing that we have changed is also the grill. You have the illuminated grill and this vein that runs across it just kind of creates that eyebrow all the way across it's kind of underscoring the temple badge of honor spirits and then the illuminated grill and then different.

I want to do all blacks with as much gold as I can find it. And the white was always my favorite, but I bought that 1 second hand, and it had, like, a whiteish carpet. It was like a base carpet, and it always bothered me. And it had a white headlight into, and I liked more of, like, that two tone environment inside. But I'm not sure if I don't know what to paint this one.

Did you say red was out of style? It is, but now you want to do red.

They just brought in a new red. That's a new style of red.

Have you been watching Iron Man again?

I have, yeah.

No, that's more of like, a maroon.

Phoenix red.

So it's a little bit more blue versus that, but it's just really similar. But we just like to have the.

Other one has, like, a little bit of orange. Yeah, we're going phoenix red on gold. And then can you guys not do the top? What's the top called? Where it's black? Right there. Can you not do that in red? Real China like that red on gold.

So all of this right here is going to be gold?

No, that's face silver.

And they also you don't think that's going to be, like, kind of off that you have the light. You got to go one solid color.

Plastic pieces or something.

Red is overplay. Remember you said that ten minutes ago. It is.

It might just be better to go black on black, I think. Black all the really heavy gold stitching.

Black is the correct move.

I think my friend julius has the Koenix, like the phoenix, and it has gold leaf all over it, and it has gold stitching, and it's like, it's stitched in the cross and it's real heavy. It looks really good. Like it contrasts really, really well.

The stitching does have the metallic sheet to it, but the piping would still be leather so it wouldn't have that metallic sheen. So the piping would just be like these pieces throughout. So again, you wouldn't have that sheen that you're looking for.

It's actually this record much better.

We can work with textures and things like that just to provide those nuances throughout the cabin.

Those really crazy special editions you do for Asia are like, that's what I want to do. Can you make another one of those?

Yeah, we can make something similar. We can do the exact same one. But if say, for example, you wanted to use that technology and use a different design, for example, or if you love that design, we can create you something that's just like a bit more telling to yourself. We can absolutely do that.

What do you think?

Okay. I love it, but it's not for me. I don't really fit into this ultra modern luxury. Like this one. This one's like really high level design. Oh my God. Is that the new Earth? No. Yeah. I forgot about this car. So this is quite possibly the best car here as well. And I can't believe I forgot about this. Let's go to cloning sign now. Yeah. alright. So the GT three Rs. You guys already know what specs about it. We're not going to talk about it. The only cool thing I really, really like, and I want to show you guys is the trs button. So you press the trs button drag reduction system. This flash opens up which neutralizes the wing air displays instead of creating drag. You ever see the pictures? I've seen the pictures, but it doesn't look like they drove into the kitchen. It doesn't look like they drove into the kitchen. How was that lady thinking? So the fire department is there and they're going to pull our occupancy permit until they reinspect. Someone just drove into our kitchen. Someone drove into our restaurant. The restaurant is going to be closed for a while because they destroyed some of the kitchen equipment.

I just really hope and I'm praying that person has good insurance because I really don't want to use our restaurants insurance because then our insurance rates will go up. What a fun way to start the day, huh? You really I did, yeah. I'm going to buy that car.

Yeah. For three and a half. What's?

The car for three and a half. I'm down. I also negotiated the ability to send my car back to the factory and get a super wild upgrade.

Does that mean we get to go to the factory?

Yeah, we can. It's not going to be anymore. You could drive and it's okay in the passenger seat with me. Yeah. Okay. I'll take care of you. You never let me drive any of your cars. edmund is a better driver than I am. Okay. But I just bought this crazy new racing SIM. It was like the most amazing one they had on the market. Yeah. Sick ass racing SIM. So I'm going to be a better driver than ever in three to four years. Good luck with that one. Yeah.

Can I get through, donuts? I can't hear it pulled.

Now for the end of the video where we actually name the winners. What we're going to go ahead and do is give away a golden ticket. Sorry for all of you that didn't get a cup of noodles, but we ate them all here in the office.

Let's go through.

Let's see who we got. Stop there. So they guessed the koenig Seg would win. And we have three mj spelled out. Three M-J-A-Y. Mario will go ahead and put it up on the camera on the video or however you guys want to look at it. And what we're going to need you to do is we're going to need you to dm us on Instagram, show us that you do own that profile and a golden ticket is coming your way.

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