Come on in.


And tada.

Okay. Okay.

So you're getting me nervous.

You know.

Today I've got something really awesome in store for you guys. Today I'm gonna surprise my daughter with literally her dream car. carly and I spec out a cullinan, which is right here behind me.

I'll give you guys a hint, okay?

We spec out a collin Inn almost 18 months ago at rollsroyce Newport Beach, and it finally arrived. Now, I don't really think carly remembers, because literally, it was 18 months ago, and she's five years old. So I essentially bought her this car. Now, yeah, I'm going to drive it around because she doesn't drive. I legitimately spec this car with her, and this is her design. And I think it's so absolutely epic. I attempted to give this car to her earlier today at my house. That's why the broll is from my house. But my wife didn't tell me they had a birthday party to go to. So try to surprise them. Didn't work out. My wife just pulled up right now. So I'm going to walk out. I'm going to get my daughter. I'm going to show her the car. I literally cannot wait for her to see it. So I think I'm just going to open the doors. Tony, please unlock I'm going to open the doors. So the first thing she sees when she comes in is the interior. Now, honestly, guys, I know you probably can't see this, but this is one of the best looking rollsroyce interiors I've ever specked.

It's got Piano white, so that the Piano black. It has all this beautiful stitching, cross stitching everywhere. We've got contrast on contrast. Pink starlight, which is literally the first one they've ever done, to my knowledge.


Pink starlight is absolutely epic. The pink steering wheel, it's just a stunning car. It means a lot to me, because if you have kids, it's kind of like one of those things where, for me, I don't get to bond with my kids a lot because I do work and I have a lot of businesses, and I do a lot of things. And so these moments that we get to share together are pretty important.

Carly, guess what? I got a surprise for you.

No. Let me show you. Come. I really don't know if you remember, but when we went to Newport Beach, like, two years ago, basically, when you essentially just turned four, remember, we spent time at the Rolls royce dealership? See my shoes? Does this remind you of anything? I guarantee you it doesn't, but come on in.


And tada.

Are you serious? That's a little extra.

It's beautiful, but it's not that beautiful.

Or is it? Go see it. Do you love it?

Okay, so tell me, what are your favorite things?

What, the whole car? What about it?

Why does the house from white?

What do you mean?

I can't make it all pink. Okay, so tell me how you feeling? What's your reaction?

I like the scaring meal.



So when we were in Newport Beach, we specked it with Rolls royce. Newport beach. And you wanted all pink interior.


So we got all pink interior, but we also got a little bit of white to contrast.


So in case anybody ever wanted to buy this from me ever again. But you know, it looks really nice. You see the pink stars?

Oh, yeah.


It's kind of like the other one with the stars.

My orange one?


So these are pink stars.

See that?

They're pink.

Orange ones were white.

What do you think?


Monroe, you love it?


You love it?

Yeah. What is that pink car?

That pink car is a Rolls royce color that me and carly made.

Do you like it?

I didn't made it.

I know you didn't because you weren't still a baby. Not anymore. But maybe we could do another one.

I just like what color would you.

Do it if we did? It a different one.

It's this black, black, white and pink.

Which one's your favorite color?


So you love this car. Go check it out. Get in pink.

Daddy, can we move mom here?

Can we what? Mom could come with us. Where is mom?

I think she's going to sit over here. Dad?


Dad, where's her seat?

The car seats? I haven't put them in yet.


So carly screamed like crazy and then kind of like got she figured out that was filming her and then she just got really quiet. I think she likes it, but she likes it.

I think she's just camera scared.

She's definitely camera shy. monroe is not. She's already driving. She's already driving.


So can I borrow your car? Like, what's up?

Unfortunately, I just did this one for myself. Just me and carly. carly special.

This is supposed to be my mother's Vegas.

When'S the Mother's Day? when's the next one? Okay, so I'll give it to you on May 10.

Yeah, we're in June.

I'll drive it for a little eleven months.



So what am I going to drive?

There's a Tesla right there.

Should have kept my urine. It would have been a perfect compliment.


Purple and pink.


So for I think what I gave for Christmas or something like that, 2020, I got denise a purple uras, avila Parsafe, and it matched my veyron. It matched a bunch of cars that I had at the time. And we sold it because I suspect another one and that one's not here. Actually, I truly want to give this card to my wife, but right now I am carless. So I got Matt King's shoes. It's new.

I posted on Instagram and everyone's asking me if it's mine and it's just too new. I already know how this goes. He's going to write it for six months and it's going to be mine.

She's partially correct. I have a phantom coming in about four months. As soon as that phantom comes, I spec the phantom that way. I would like to spec a car. And it's all white, so we've got matching Rolls. Roy says this will be denise's car. But in the meantime, I am very excited to drive this because I absolutely love this color. This is a coach built car, so it's something that's so absolutely special that no other Rolls royce has this color. You want to feel special at some time. So at the same time, it's still a beautiful color that we could drive every single day, but it's very rare. Do you love the ceiling?

A perfect family car.

Dad, look.

I know the stars.

Look at this. You can step on it.

No, no, no. Let's, let's maybe we need to wait before she gets out of a car seat before I give you this car. All right, carly, so you love the video games, you love this car. Overall, what's it look like?

You love it.

It's 100%.

Ten out of ten.

Actually, it's a 20 million out of ten. All right.

High five.

Carly, what is this?

It's your new Rolls royce.


Maybe not. Sudden movements, glide. It's a slow car.

She said, I know how to make your eyes straight.

We're going to go straight and make a uturn.

This is the best Uber ride I've ever, ever had.

I know.

You're getting me nervous. Okay, go like left. Follow the road. Keep going. hurry up. Don't hit the curve. We're going to go to the top, make a U turn and come back down.

A u turn. Houston.


She could do it. carly on the wrong side of the road. You got to stay to the right.

Just the mountain, baby. You are doing it.


Okay, you're going to go do a roundabout now. Okay.

Where? This way?

Wait, you're going to go all the way around it. All right.

You see it?

We're going to go to the left. Okay, now go back down that way.

That last one was good.

This is fun.

Yeah, it's very fun.

Very scary for mom.

I know how to drive mom.


You a proud father?

Very proud. For a five year old, she's actually doing very good. Left, left. All right, come on.


Because it's a very small space, we don't want to hit any bunnies.

Bunny, bunny.

We're going to park it in the middle. Garage.

You see it?

It's running away.


Good girl.

Straighten it out. straighten it out. How was driving your car for the first time? You liked it?

Open the door. Grab.

How do you put it in park?

I don't know.

Right here. See the p.

That's it.

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