I'm Robbie crosta and this is Houston. We have a problem.

Well, like I said, WiSec sucks. Look at this. You see this liquid that just came out of my car? It's actually not a coolant leak. Well, it is cool leak. The car is not down because of the coolant. The car is down because we like lost the belt. And I pulley on top of the blowers loose. So basically wobbled off. Belt came off it, ripped a hose, hook it with it, car overheated, lost the alternator, lost everything right here on the side of the road. And now we are stranded. Do you see the look on my face? This doesn't get any better. I can't express to you how ridiculous this is. It's very difficult to see. We haven't gotten the entire thing completely taken out. But if you look right here, there is an idler pulley right here. See how it's loose? It's completely sheared off. This is nonoem. So the OEM idler pulley was replaced with this pulley here. And it is a wise tech brand. So yes, it was their fault this thing failed. This car has like 300, maybe even less than that. We drove from orange county to Big Bear to barstow, but probably 150 miles tops on this kit.

And it's just nonstop. I can't use these cuss words so I'm just going to stop talking bad, but essentially it's junk. So I'm going to try to get a new pulley. But whatever. I need a real reputable Mercedes tuner shop. You can go over this car and really look at it because this is basically you buy the kit, you plug it on, you tune it, it's plug and play. And that's what I liked about it because no one really makes an sls supercharger except them. So essentially kind of cornered into it. But now after this problem, I'm going to go ahead and have this thing redone. So if anybody out there knows of a really, really good independent, not RenTech or any of the other big names because they won't work on this car because it's obviously one of their competitors products. So if anybody knows of a good independent Mercedes shop that I can send this to, I would love to take it there and have them really work through it and get it really dialed in. I don't own a lot of mercedes is the only one. So I don't have the software, the tools or kind of the knowledge necessary to really work on this car.

It's not like a lamborghini or some car that I've got multiple of. So at the same time I love it, but it's just it's got to be done by the right guys. I don't know. We had a pretty good time. I would say we had a great rally experience. I mean, there was a little bit of the problems at the end, but overall pretty standard on a rally. So you guys give this video a thumbs up, because we need more likes to get more views and more people to find out about our channel so that you guys could all subscribe and we could grow. I mean, we've been at 675,000 subscribers for a long time, and I'm gonna start really pushing the YouTube. So I want to hit that million subscriber mark this year. 2022. That's my goal. Tell your friends. And let's get some subscribers. Everybody enjoy the videos because I'm about to be making a whole crap ton of them. Have brought Robbie down to Houston and pot chicken here in Las Vegas. Robbie hasn't eaten this food yet. It's kind of a really shitty family member, to be honest with you. But he has a little bit of an allergy issue today.

There's a lot of wind in Las Vegas, and he's real sensitive. So I figured given some hhc houston, we have a problem, though. Clear sinuses out a little bit. Did you just really say, first of.

All, you have to smell this?


I am very nervous. I don't want to do this, but.

I got to do it. I'm going to give you $1,000 if you finish this. Is that enough? 2000 per tender. Correct. But you got to eat both of them. Correct. Full correct. And you can't throw it up. Deal. I'm not going to touch your hands.

Elbow bumps. Deal. Okay.


All right, so I'm basically doing houston's, we have a problem right here. This is 2 million. 2 million scolds right here. Everybody knows. You didn't know. I'm the new governor of California. Of the United States of America. I'm just going to cut it all off. I cannot believe I'm doing this right now. I can't do this. Come on.

Go. Put it down.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

I'm going, going.

Thank you. Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Here, I'll help you out. The last part.

That's pleasure.

That's going to be $250.

Almost there.

Two pieces left. All right. No drinks.

Two minutes.

Oh, just keep bombing.

You know, like reality TV.

Come on. Describe. What are you feeling? I can't speak. Mario, shut up. Oh, my God. Mrs. Torture. You didn't get out of your projectile. What do you got to say? I need ice, please.

I need ice.

Tony closing up my throat. Houston, I'm serious. It's closing my throat. Watch out. There's a person behind you, bro. It closes up your throat. Houston, it's freaking me out. Put the camera away. Serious. By the way, guys, new royalty. merch, make sure you shop. Yeah, because that's a non stop feeling of hell. Oh, my shit. I'm, like, trying to get out of my skin. You can't even see my eyes. Talking character, please don't ask me to talk at all. One time. I can't even soak you now. This is worse. This is the worst idea in the world I've ever done. I've done some stupid stuff with Houston, by the way, but this is the dumbest how do you do this? Okay, you're spinning. Why? Houston. I hate you so much. houston's, my brother maya. Because your brother wouldn't do this. I'm in so much panic and even understand. It's going to go away, though, and I can't wait for it to go away. I've never been in this type of pain in my life. Like, I'm being serious. I mean, I've been punched in the face. It does not hurt this baby. Was that a good reaction?

Have you seen it? Well, really? My gosh. This is Dr. Phil. And I'm telling you right now, if you have houston's, we have a problem. If you eat more than two, I'll have you on my show for free. Come on down. I'll even talk to you. We'll have a one on one if your wife's bothering you, if you have a marital issues, I don't really give a damn. I can barely even talk right now. My mouth is on fire. But I'll tell you what, I've had two of those. And if you could eat more than two, you can come on my show show. And I'll interview you for free, I promise you.

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