We are out here in the middle of nowhere. We were told that an was hit.

Oh my goodness.

All these golden tickets and you guys don't want any of them because you guys aren't getting 10,000 likes on our videos. What I want you to do is go and like the video subscribe, get ten k likes so we can start giving away more golden tickets. And while you're at it, grab some merchandise. chop. Royalty exotic alright, we are back with another wonderful episode of royalty exotic cars. And if I have the camera and it's late at night, it's usually because something crashed or something bad happened and that's exactly what happened. So we are out. Here it is eleven again in the middle of nowhere on the way to the grand canyon west rim. And the black hurricane had a little bit of a problem. And there it is. Now of course you can't see. So I'm in the tow truck. I'm going to get turned around and get some light shined on it. We're going to try to assess the damage a little bit. We were told that an animal was hit and that's exactly what it looks like. I don't know if you guys can see, but there is the animal and.

Now that we have the light on, it fix my boom. Now that the light is on, you can kind of see some damage. Oh my goodness.

You got some deer here, I guess you could say. Oh, deer.

This sucks.

But we're going to get it up on the truck.

I can't see much, but I am.

Not going to lie to you. I'm kind of scared out here. It's really dark.

There's nothing.

So I'm going to get this up on the bed. We're going to assess the damage in the morning. But yeah, if you look around, can't see anything. So we're going to get this up on the truck and get it back to Vegas and get rolling.

And we are back home back at the shop with our damaged Lamborghin putting everything away. It's about 01:00 in the morning. As you can see here, car is still damaged. I am no magical repair man, but the coolest part about our shop is we do have magical repair man, which is andy and he is going to be able to handle this car. So I know houston has a lot of the parts of this car, but this one's going to be pretty hefty. If you see this side hood windshield. Windshield is probably the ugliest part. I think this one's going to be tough. I know it's leaking coolant, so we're going to have some issues with it, but we'll go over it a little bit more tomorrow. It's 01:00. I really want to get to bed. So we'll see you guys in the morning.

Just wanted to give a big shout out to cfmodo for sponsoring today's video. Cfmodo builds some of the industry's leading atvs, motorcycles and side by side at the most affordable prices on the market. So whether you're in the mood for adventuring with your family, or you just want to get away and have some fun yourself, the excitement is never ending. Me, personally, I'm a huge fan of their motorcycle lineup. They range from a 300 all the way up to a 700. And best of all, each bike has a modern styling system. So, like brembo brakes and a bosch fuel injecting system. And many other premium technologies. And that's just their standard. Mario, I'm probably definitely going to have houston get me one of these for sure.

They're so sick.

So here's what you're going to want to do. Hit the link in arbaya, which will take you to their diller locator tab. Locate your nearest diller, and then head on over there. And get yourself a CF moto unit. Do it, and do it now.

So, as you guys saw from tony, we had an absolutely tragic incident happened last night. Black hurricane hate a deer. And I don't think that deer is going to make it. Actually, it didn't make it, but neither did the black hurricane. And how we're here. So it's the next day. You guys can actually see the aftermath of what a deer does to a lamborghini. And here it is. So looks like a deer hit the car. Honestly, you can see there's some hair still here. And majority of the car is damaged. So what I believe happened is it rolled this way and rolled off of it. So it's just terrible. Can't replace these cars, guys can't buy hurricanes right now. If this keeps going, royalty is going to have about, I don't know, 15, maybe 14 cars left. By the end of the year. We're down to half the fleet, as we did in 2021, because there is just no way to buy new cars. And one crash after another crash there's actually, this is the fourth hurricane wreck this year. There's another one. The fifth one is probably going to happen right next.

Maybe a couple of hood latches.

Just like a couple of brackets there.


This frame piece is perfectly straight. Yeah, I can see that.

This one, it looks like it just popped it down right there. This one here. Andy, can you order the brackets today?

Let me look through my inventory first. Last time we had one of these, we ordered a bunch of that stuff. Okay, so we may have that installed.

All right, well, I know we have the headlight installed. And the bumper and the radiator and the under brackets right there for the.

Bumper fender, hood, windshield.

We have a windshield. So we just recently had an accident. That was somewhat similar to this damage. Nothing. He didn't hit an animal, but he hit a stop sign. And I pre purchased all the parts to fix it. Before we looked underneath the car. And there was a giant hole underneath it where the stop sign had gone through it. So luckily, I happen to have all these parts in stock. At least we can get this thing back on the road relatively quick. But the only problem is that it's going to the whole clear bra, the paint, all that stuff takes forever. So we'll probably lose this car for like a month and a half. Probably lose a month and a half. It'll be an Andy special. I'll get it done in three days. And then it'll sit at a body shop waiting to get painted for another month.

God day this car got up.

I mean, Andy, you see this shit? I heard that a deer don't come running. Ran to God, there's the line in the road. And then just boom. That's a boom. Look at that. We're going to sway right in here. And you're going to crack the windshield right there. And I believe in the mansion, he don't deal. flint.

I don't see any frame damage.

Oh, no, you can see because bambi came through this area here.

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