$750,000. Are you guys crazy?

So we're buying presents for more. When you learn to give away your money, that's when you truly understand what money can do.

All right, we've got three minutes left until the auction actually starts, and pretty much I'm already out because the bid is $352,000 on the pre bid. So we're two cars away. So this one's next. We got another Toyota tacoma, and then we got the mclaren still on reserve. Remember I told you guys about that $800,000 reserve. Now that may have been lowered or adjusted or anything may have happened in between the unofficial news that I heard and the current reserve right now, but certificate of destruction, that's for sure. So this has not changed title status. Nothing happened. 352. We're on in two minutes. So right now they just revealed the minimum bid, which was the reserve at $750,000. Like I said, it was an $800,000 reserve. We're already up at 365. 366. Honestly, no effing way this car gets to $750,000. I just can't believe it. I don't believe it. But you've got probably five or six bidders in $750,000. Are you guys crazy? I cannot believe what this insurance company is smoking. But right here, estimated retail value 2.295. That's the number that the insurance company paid out. So they paid all the effing money for this car and more.

Now this is like plus tax, plus registration, plus plus. So my guy ernie, he made out like a bandit, in my opinion. It's not going fast enough to even consider to get to 750,000. So I don't, I don't, I don't even think this thing hits 500 at this rate. I mean, maybe it looks like there's two people in one person in Chicago and one person in California. Turn the music off.

No, turn it off. Might get copyright, actually.

Copyright for this music.


Damn, dude.

Sold on approval.

Basically a bid to 400 grand. That was it. How stupid is that? Bid to $400,000, reserve with 750. What happens is now is that someone has to from the bank say, okay, well, we didn't even get close to 750. We got to 400. Great news. We got halfway there, basically, and they have to approve the sale, which I don't see how they won't, you know, at 400,000, that's that's as good as it's going to get. It looks like the California guy got it. It sold so quick, but, man, 400,000. So, like I said, there's no way to fix that car for $250,000. $300,000. So, you know, I don't know what they bought it for. They bought that thing for wall art at 400 grand. Maybe, maybe you could do wall art.

I don't know.

I mean, that's a very expensive wall art because you still got to fix the body and stuff. I don't know anybody in California that would be bidding on that car. So maybe Tvars got it right. He expressed interest in the mid 300, which I told him he was crazy at 400. Maybe. Like I said, the reserve is 750. So what usually happens is they try to negotiate, right? So the bank is going say, hey, what if we meet in the middle at 550 or 600? And then the seller or the buyer has to come up if they get it for 400? I don't really understand why they pay that much if they were going to fix it or if they can fix it due to my math. I don't know. I think it's a bad deal. But it's over $400,000. That's all it bid to. So good luck to the guy in California. Hopefully he gets it, and good luck fixing nothing.

All right, everybody, so we got the hummer, we got the G wagon right here. We are outside of royalty, and we have a very special day. So we got a lot of great engagement in our rally video in terms of the gun content. So we figured, why not have a shooting day. Now, guys, this video is going to be rated America. So if you're not into this stuff, click out of the video right now. If you are into this stuff, like we are, shout out the red wave. Make sure you like that button right now. Stick around for some awesome gun content. We got the auger right here. We got a super sick AR sho. Five, five, six. The gold eagle. A saw right there with the belt, with the belt rounds. My personal favorite, the 45 70. And tucked away right here on the other side of the seats, we got a real treat for you guys, so stay tuned for that one. Make sure you watch to the end of the video. But we're going to go out to our favorite spot. We're going to do some offroading. And the G wagon, which, by the way, a check out.

This g wagon. It is available for rent only at royalty Exotic Cars. We have the British racing green with nice peanut butter tan leather interior. This car definitely sticks out. And then Houston's new purchase, this lovely H Two that he traded a Land Rover for.

No, I traded the slingshop for the Land for this.

You know what this log is rated?



I traded the Slingshop for this one. I sold the Land Rover. Oh, yeah, even better part of the.

Deal, we got tj packing us some round. Nice little scope that we're going to go mount on a very special gun. I guess we just got to go stop at the store and get some targets and that's it. All right, guys, we're in the H Two. We got pj right here. Everybody say hi to berto. Hey, Tony and Houston in the G wagon. We got some friends in the truck right there. The fact that I caught him put in my mouth open. What kind of throw was that back there?

Open your window.

Doesn't work, I'll get to it. All right, guys, we're at an undisclosed location somewhere in the outskirts of Las Vegas in the desert, and we are about to get to the shooting spot that we go to all the time. As you can see, right now, we got a little bit of offroading happening or what? Tony, what are you doing?

All skill Mario.

Are you doing some merrick stuff? That's right. Let me see. Let me see your hoodie. That's right. 2024.

It's like a mixture of rambo and liberati.

Like I said. Guys, we got a surprise for you. The 50 count locked, loaded, ready to go. Two targets out there. We got the terra Knight going all the way out in the back right there. This is the one I'm most excited to shoot right here. 45 70. Red Dead redemption. berto's holding the gold beagle. Let's go. How do you like that? Of course.

I love this thing. My jacket is a little bit too puffy to use it, but I love it.

All right, guys, we're wrapping up Monday shooting. berto.

Hi, Dave. Anybody else want to shoot the 50 before we leave?

Good time. Good time, guys. Yeah. Thank you. Look for that. All right, table guy, what you got to say?

All right, we got it. Best folding tables in the game. Lifetime. Lots of wind.

You have a good time.

Always have a great time with you guys.

What was your favorite gun, man?

They all have their different characteristics. They're a lot like people.

Shoot the 45 70.

Yeah, shoot everything. everything's so smooth. Everything Houston buys is just so smooth.

Houston, what was your favorite gun you shot?

You know, I really liked said 249, but it kept getting jammed.

I don't know.

It's kind of weird. I got to take it in for service. It was the first time I ever shot it, so yeah.

Let's go.

Go carding now.

Gokarting. Market research.

Market research.

That's a hint right there for you guys.

Oh, yeah.

Well, I just want to come and.

Drive these gocarts because I want to build a gokart facility somewhere indoors in town, and this is the only other gokart facility in Vegas besides what we used to have is pole position, and that's, like, not really in my personal opinion, I don't think that that one's really exciting.

All right, we just left the go cart. Experience, as always here's. Truly got the dove, as always. As always.

We met shooting. That was fun. We went go car racing because it was close to here, and I wanted to check out the cards because there's a lot of really good reviews on those cards. I personally don't like flat tracks. I think that flat tracks aren't as enjoyable because there's no inertia to pull you in. Right. Bank turns and elevates the changes and stuff. So I really want to build something very unique here, and I think that's what I'm going to do. Also, the gas carts, I don't know if you noticed, but if you spun a little bit, they bogged down all the way and then you have to reset your rpms. It's like you can't spin the tire and keep going. Whereas the electric carts, obviously, if you spin, they're going to bog down, but once you hit the gas, they're like full blown acceleration again. You know what I mean? So it's super simple. I'm leaning towards electric carts. I like that a lot. I think the electric carts are probably the way of the future. Maybe not electric hypercars, but everything else should be pretty cool.

I agree. I think it was fun. The cars were a little slow. They've got one.

That's what I was saying.

It could be probably another 15 miles an hour passer.

They need more acceleration. The track has to be physically wider as well because it's hard to pass safely, right? Like when you do pass.

Right, Tony? Yeah.

Like, I passed you guys and I put you both in the corner because.

I was catching up to you. Me and Tony are about to pass to you and then you just put the brakes on us.

Matt was in front of you. Yeah. So it's all good, you know, that's what happens when you're racing. But a wider track would be better. Like a 20 foot wide track. I think that was probably, what, like 12ft wide? 8ft more would be really, really clean. It's $35 for eight minutes. It's pretty, I guess fair in comparison to what else is out there, but I just feel like there should be more stuff to do here. Obviously you have the big cars, but, you know, let's just say you can't get into the big cars. What else is there to do? So hot.

That was it.

Oh, my God.

He was just talking about how cold he is. Break it down. Why are we at target?

All right, well, every year I sponsor a couple of toy drives and all that stuff, but this year I'm partners with local Metropolitan Police Department and we do a lot of events at the restaurants. We do a lot of events at royalty. We do trainings, whole bunch of stuff. I took care of 3000 haircuts for intercity kids to get it looking fresh for school. I just donated 25,000 to it.

But one of the major donors put.

1 million in package.

So here we're doing the same thing, but we're buying presents for Mall. We're going to get the Christmas presents for everybody, bikes and just you name it.

Just everything we could get. I'll probably try to clean this Target out.

I mean, it sucks because Cyber cyber Monday, which I thought Cyber Monday, the.

Stores would be empty and everybody just.

Be on the computer. Like, we're meeting cindy, Anthony, quincy, the team from royalties here, and we're going to all get carts and we're just going to fill everything up.

Honestly, your age group, we're looking at babies all the way up to 17.

I'm excited.

Lego sets. dope lego sets.

Ferrari about to clean out the whole store.

You're going to see everybody's cart look.

Very similar to what they would want for Christmas.

Tree company.

Every single one of these.

All of them?

Every single one of them.

Someone has to get the iron man mask. One Black panther mask. There we go. No, they love mysterio that will go nuts for this. The Rock. What's up? And Johnson. dinosaurs. What do you think? Let's get some nerf guns going, guys. I got a little cut season, baby. jeeps. jeeps. I think we have bought an all of target to the register. All right, so we got one, two houston's got 345-6789. We got eleven carts. Eleven carts.

Eleven carts. Pretty good.

Oh, go, go.

$6,400. Now, $6,400 is obviously a lot of money to a lot of people, but we always want to make sure that these memories will make a lot more sense than $6400. So big thank you to Houston. Big thank you to Las Vegas Metro Police department for getting these kids all these toys.

That's his personal call, and that's two separate things. This is Christmas.

That's dream.


All right.

Cool. All right.

Thank you. See you guys so much.

You, too. Thank you so much.

If you have the chance to get out there and do it yourself and put boots on the ground and really give to people, it makes the world a better place, and it makes you feel better. You know, people always say that money doesn't buy happiness. And I say that it buys happiness when you learn how to give it away. Yeah. It can buy happiness for a lot.

Of people that don't necessarily have it.

Yeah. When you learn to give away your money, that's when you truly understand what money can do.

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