So the problem with it is we'll do a little hypercar update for you guys to know. But why it's taking so long? You know, we've been talking about it for three years.

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I see the it's all handsted. Yeah, it's all handstitched. And when you look at all the details, this is really nice. It's done really, really well. It looks like I added more. I'm allowed to sit in it. Not in the car, but outside the car show. Because you know how my back always hurts. I added all the paddocks. Nice. I put more padding. You got to let me draw this. I'm going to say it on camera. If he doesn't let me draw this, you guys might see, like, the mona Lisa drawn on the car with the key. So what do you think this combination is launching a hypercar. We go back and forth with that all the time, I think. See, the thing is, this is what I wanted. I really, really think we should make two and launch two. Honestly, I really do. It's not going to be hard for us to make two cars at this point. It's been such a long drag getting it here. So the problem with it is we'll do a little hypercar update for you guys to know why it's taking so long. We've been talking about it for three years.

Initially, Houston has offered a mail. It was a lotus, actually. Okay? The idea started with I called John hennessy and I said, I want to Ben and jeez. Right. And I was like, look, may I give you half a million dollars for the car? Right? That's like the value of this car. It's a lotus of the corvette engine. I'm down to pay 500k. I'll send you a wire. That's my limit. I love that car, but it's my dream car since I was a kid, right? Like, just a monstrous fucking car. He was like, I can't do that. I can only get you to X amount of dollars. It was more than 500, but a little bit less than the thing he's like, I have to have you sign an nda. You're not allowed to sell it. My car is 1.6 or 1.2. Yeah, it was 1250 for a roadster, right, which is what I wanted. So the price was similar to almost a split in between my number and his number. And so I was like, look, man, like, fuck, that's a lot of money and that's all cash. You can't finance a bit of dt, right?

So, like, you can finance a tonic snack or a bugatti or whatever, all these new cars, because they have value, someone wants to buy it. But a lotus is never going to be worth a million dollars. No matter what happens. They're going to say, 2007 lotus exhibit on the title, even if it's a Tennessee. So I got to thinking and I was like, why don't I just put one of my spare Gallara V Ten in the lotus and I'll term all that way better. And I was like, I could do that for way less than 500k. So I called all these people and everybody was like, yeah, we could do that, we could do that. So I hired igor and I thought igor was going to charge like, twenty five k and it was like 100 kwh and 50. Sum it up, we'll get back to the story. We had a budget for this car. The budget has been like seven xl. The budget was 1,000,500 for me because I originally thought, and this is four years ago, you thought you could get it done with 500. But I wasn't going to make it a new car.

I was going to put a big engine in a lotus and stretch the body, right? So when I had igor come out here, I was like, why would I start with this lotus chassis? It's aluminum and old. When Alpha had a brand new car, $83,000 for a four C, and they had a roadster, it was full car monaco. I was like, I'll go do it that way. So I went that same day and I went and bought a brand new Alpha and I said, let's do it with this. And I still thought I could get it done for half a million dollars, which it probably could have if I just wanted the engine to go fast and stretch it. But then the issue came. Where the body you had designed? No, remember that written? Yeah, that was something that I thought of afterwards. It was some dumb mock up and I mean, it wasn't ugly, but it wasn't classy. So I was half a million dollars deep in this car and edmund is like, oh, I've always wanted to own a car. And I'm thinking, like, I own a car. I've owned a few cars.

No, I know another hypercar, like a build your own car. And I had just bought what hypercar? I just bought I sold the mensori and I just bought red one, right? No, the nine eight, I think it was a 918. No, at the time when I got started on this, you still had the mensori. You were in the process of selling it. Okay, well, anyways, I think that I was like, look, I could buy a second Hypercar or another Hypercar and sell edmund half the company, he puts in a half a million and this will get done, right? That was the idea. But it didn't even anywhere come close to working out that since then we practically have our own chassis. So that's been a delay. And the engine, we decided to build our own engine instead of spreading out Gavin Ted stupid lamborghini in twin turbo. So we have our own engine, we have our own chassis. The design that we had about three years ago looked so sick at the time, but times have changed slightly, so we've tweaked the design of it, which has also taken some time. So now, finally, the cars in Italy, and then due to COVID due to COVID about anything, but due to COVID, Italy shut down and Italy literally is the major component of building our car, right?

And then we went through this wood model phase because we were going to release it at Geneva. We're going to make a wood model just like hennessey did. And that was $150,000 for a wood model. And I was like, dude, that's so much money to just have a piece of wood that we can't what are we going to do with it? Ship it back to us like air freight out? Where we're going to put this fucking thing? At the time, we decided not to do the wood model because we thought our car was going to be done six months from then and then COVID it. Yeah. So that six months. Got the and then the car just sat in that garage over there for a year and I was like, I'll deal with this later. So now the car is in Italy, suspension is done, chassis done, engine is basically done. So the engine is the engine that's in there right now, or mock up and testing purposes. Gerto engine, correct. Right? That the original V ten. I didn't want to go with the the newer 5.2, I put the five liter in there. But we have our own engine that is really, really, really powerful.

I've kind of gone away from the big power. I think 1200 is a really good number. And I like 1200 because I want a six speed manual card, right? And edmund wants to make a racer. I want a magic. Yeah. Which is cool and you can do and with that transmission, you can hold a lot more power, right? Because you're not clutching, dropping and driving like a maniac on the freeway. And it's just a little bit more usable with something with power. I want 1000 track focus. So I think what we're going to do now is we're going to make two iterations. His is going to be something like this elegant, beautiful, classy, luxury. Mine is going to be the Type R version. Big wing, big canard, louvers, just a race car. So he'll have the six speed all, have the race transmission, the matic, sequential and all that. Dare say six months. No. Hell, it's six years. No. And then we'll get it done in three months and be like, we finished it, guys, five years and six months early. We're flying out. We're going to be in Italy in October pending the Pandemic, unless yeah, there's no more lockdowns.

We'll be there in October. And the body will be done on the car. So we'll be able to show you guys the car, the chassis with the body, and then after that, we start road testing. So we have to build interior at that point, and we'll start road testing next summer. The car will 100% be done. We might not even sell this car. There's an idea that me and him just make our own cars, and that's it, and we're done with it. We have a lot of investment in our business now. houston's Hot Chicken is a very expensive business to open, especially at the rate we're opening them. We have five locations in construction right now in Vegas, and that costs ten times with the car cost. We have over 100 nationwide. He says 100. I really feel like the number is 40. Right? I like the number 40. And then I'd like to go overseas and expand into Europe, because Hot Chicken hasn't gone to Europe yet. And if we bring it to Europe, we'll be the number one hot chicken in Europe, because we'll be the only hot chicken in Europe. Yeah. So right now, you know, we're playing some catch up with a couple other bigger competitors that are out there.

We have a superior product, and we have a superior leadership team, obviously. And, you know, we have a really, really good design. So we're actually going to head to the restaurant right now, showing us that we're we'll show it to you. It's almost done. We're like 99.9% opening up in ten days. Now, I would say, like six days, but I would say ten days. It's like a six day thing. The only thing is I'm leaving for monterey, and since edmund is not allowed at monterey, I have to wait a while until I come back here's. The kids back in ten days. And that's when we've opened up a restaurant. Yeah, I'm getting back on the August 15 soft opening. August 21 is grand opening, and we just made a 45 minutes video, so it's kind of cool. Brother grand opening. Did we reveal who's going to be there? No, because they might not tell us. Some very famous athletes, some very famous politicians. We're going to have a huge ribbon cutting ceremony about the world's biggest scissors, 25 foot scissors. Another 4ft, the biggest available at the time. The biggest scissors sold on Amazon. All right, we're going to finish this up, and we're going to go to the restaurant because we have a vp of a very big company coming to see it, and our expansion into other states is hinging on his approval of our ability to build this business.

We're lost my way.

All right, guys, for our giveaway winner this time we have neuron Bob. neuron Bob, what you're going to want to do is you're going to want DMs on Instagram proof that you do own that YouTube account. So DMs on instagram. Mario will reach out to you. We'll get all your sizes. And you are now the winner of three brand new royalty Exotic Cars. tshirts. Your choice. Give us your size. And guys, make sure you like subscribe. thumbs up this video for more chances at Golden Tickets.


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