Alright, so this is a kind of a tricky situation we got ourselves in. Mike is over here to help us. I purchased a handful of cars from randy Range Rover. My old H one back and both of his defenders. We've got the one defender right behind me. Let me show you. You can kind of see one has already started to happen. I actually have no clue how this one happened.


What's up, guys? How are you? This one right here, you can see? Yeah, old ones. This happened somehow. I don't know. Something hit the roof. I kind of feel like this car was on top and maybe something went. I don't really get it. When the truck got here, I'll show you a picture, but all four trucks were on top. So I don't know how that happened. I wonder if that happened during transport. It's a little confusing. But now we're in a different predicament. So after the red one was damaged, I mean, Mike, your face says it all.

This is pretty terrible. I don't know how you could even turn if it was like that.

No, no, it just fell off.

It just happened.

It just happened. Yeah. Yeah, it just fell off. So let me see if I can turn the camera around on this iphone. I'm vlogging on the iphone because Mario decided to work from home today. And so essentially here I'll just kind of flip it around.

That looks impossible to think.

Well, yeah, what I'm thinking is that we're just going to strap it here, disconnect the trailer and just drive off. And we're going to put the tow truck we're going to get the tow truck over there that way and it's going to hit this way over here. So we're going to see I don't know because see, right now it's kind of sitting on this. It's currently strapped the trailer to this. So I don't really know. It's not really sitting on anything. See, like once we do this, this is going to fall and it's going to sit there. So I don't really know what's happening. All right, let's see what happens here. Oh yeah, the chain is stuck. The chain, the chain is stuck over there. See there's the chain there. This is turning out to be a nightmare situation to this guy. A lot of body damage on there, a lot of paint. Okay, so all he has to do is remove that chain and hopefully he can get that thing down. Does that thing come down? This possibly could hit the shock there. We'll see. That looks pretty good. All right, so now we got Mike.

Now we got Mike over here. So let's see what we can do about this. So the forklift is a pretty good example. I mean, it's got a lot of fucking damage. This thing here is all messed up. sucks. All right, so Mike right here is a frame.

Those two V bars.

I kind of feel like you're good. Yeah, this here there, it's good for insurance. This is an insurance situation.


I'm sorry. Come, Mike. Just come. All right, stop. All right, now you're going to have to go. Okay, stop. Go up. Go up. You're in. Okay, so go straight up. No, just keep going. Just go slow. Don't tilt it yet because you're going to bring it up flat. Yeah, go. It's a heavy ass car. It's okay. Just relax. Now go up. Yes. That's why I was trying to get back from it. All right, go forward. Stop.

We are on the rear frame with the ports just barely away from the gas tank, and we're trying not to puncture the gas tank, make a problem worse. ethan is going to get inside right now, and he's going to try to start it and drive it forward. But once he's inside, he'll probably tell me when to let the forks down so the weight will get back onto the ramps. All right, she's on. Do you want me to let it down? Stay on the brakes, and then I'll reposition the forks directly behind the frame. Hold on. Coming down. Oh, shit. Shit. Okay, hold on. You're good? I'm still underneath you. The force underneath you. You're not going to fall. Yeah, let him put the winch back on. I don't know if he has a winch. You might slide back. The car might slide. Okay, I will. Hold on, hold on. I'm going to come up a little bit. It looks like there's some contact with the gas tank. It looks like there was some contact with the gas tank installed. It comes Houston to assess the situation. That was kind of scary, wasn't it?


I know, but there you're not touching it right now.

That was nerve wracking. anyways, we made it. We made it off. This is a manual transmission on that angle with that rolling back one inch, it was pretty sketched. So we're off and we're in good shape. We got a little bit of damage. No, I don't. I got some adrenaline. Got a little damage on this bumper here, the glass window here, the door area. A lot of this stuff right here. Up in here. Mike, don't worry about that. That was already there. I'm going to take these to the car wash and I'm going to catch my breath.

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