I'll do something ridiculous in that car? He was driving under the influence. Why this car?

This is what you call total loss.

My timing is perfect.

You're just coming over here to, like, watching cry or what? That is absolutely cry. This is a video I don't want to make. You know, when those fucking rental cars get crashed and transporters crashed them and everything, I literally don't care. I was a little stuff about the svj that one time, but this is like, on another level, man. This is like someone shot my dog. I haven't even seen the car yet. Tony just told me about it. I'm going to take all of these juices before I do that because I need to be in the right form of mind to even deal with this type of solution. Did we learn to process this one?


What the why this car? Literally, why, of all the cars, fuck up? Every car I have just this is the only one you want to fuck up? Holy shit. God can be kidding me. Albert is the key inside of it? Because they said they couldn't find the key. I had hoped that this was going to be fixable. I really did.

Oh, you totaled.

I really did.

God. Man.

As far as irreplaceable, I spent, like, $150,000 modifying this car. It's literally irreplaceable. Awesome build. It's my favorite one.

This is a menacing s class.

It was on its way back from Eurocharged. It did not come from this trailer. I think it was also a gooseneck trailer. And the guy, he drove their intersection and he flipped the truck. The trailer flipped over, and this car came in and just obviously got all damaged right there in the whole side of the car. It came out. The freaking worst thing about this is that the car behind it, which was a $20,000 chevy hhr, is basically undamaged, which I don't understand how that happened. And my car looked like it went through a tornado.


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Oh, they put all of my wonderful they put all the broken parts in the back seat. You'd think that they would maybe just put those in a plastic bag or just throw them on the fucking street. Why make my interior worse? Who are you going to punch?

Damage control.

Honestly, the transport driver is kind of lucky because he's not here, but he's okay. I'm a little toss up about that because I heard that he was driving under the influence. So I don't know what's true, what's not true. But if he was driving under the influence, I want to punch him after he gets out of the hospital.


Right through jail.

The undercarriage is a lot worse than I thought.


I didn't think that I heard the story, but I didn't know how bad the undercarriage would be. But it's pretty messed up. I'd like to see pictures of the accident. I know somebody has them. That would be ideal.

Well, we just know that that's what caused the damage on my car right there. It sucks because if you look at this again, look at the rear of the trailer.

Basically just my car just came forward.

Which is really crazy because he must have not strapped my car down really well.

No. Stop, stop, stop. Houston. Houston, stop. Stop.

This is why I don't have animals anymore. I used to have two cats, but then they died and then I was sad. So this is why I never get attached to cars. Because then they get crushed. So true pain. True pain.

It just costs.



I don't expect it looks the same. We're going to go remove my S.

Class off of the tow truck. So this was a yesterday thing. My prize possession was destroyed in an accident that was not caused by myself.

It was caused by a transport driver.

The car was still actually in the.

Tow truck or in the transport when it had an accident. So I saw the pictures of what my car did to the bed of the other guy's truck cause it came through the trailer. I could only imagine what it looks like underneath. And Andy sent me a picture of this morning of oil all over the floor. Oh, I love this new door. I love this new door. We got this new door so we can do this. Just pull this all the way in. Because this tow truck could have never been parked inside here. Couldn't make that turn.

Well, Andy is a pretty good driver.

He probably could have made a turn, but it would take him a long time. But now tow truck is ready to roll.

Just goes straight out. Oil, oil, oil.

I just want to get it up in the air and see what's underneath it so that I could end this video, start crying, and then call the.

Insurance company and figure out what we're going to do.

Because look, this is definitely not fixable. It's total beyond. Let me show you what my car did to the other truck. That's what my car did to his truck in the bed.

So all of that underneath my car.

So there's parts of my car in his truck still. And the front of my car landed on his back window. That's the only damage to the trailer where my car escaped.

So it just launched right onto the back of the truck?

Yeah, like launched straight out the back of the truck. So clearly he didn't strap it down.

Good enough or his straps broke or.

Whatever the f we know it's trashed. How trashed is it? Is this engine bad? This is at this point a 70 $80,000 engine build. So I'm trying to make sure that maybe I can salvage that.

I know I could salvage my interior if I bought this car back.

The labor to take every piece out and put it in another car would be whatever. The speakers in the trunk are a little damaged, but they're obviously salvageable. Like the enclosure is damaged.


But we just put meth on this car. We just did all this crazy stuff for 20 plus thousand dollars. And I'm so curious to know if the engine is still good.

Engine is probably good. The only way you're going to really.

Damage that is if you physically broke the block. That's what I was saying. I just want to see if there's a puncture from his bed. Well, there's quite a bit of just shit and dirt and oil everywhere. I mean, the gearbox is blown because you can see there's a huge hole in gearbox. The engine may or may not be bad. It's probably bad because this oil cooler, right, all of this right here is all oil. So the engine will have to be completely taken apart and cleaned to get all of this dirt and shit out of there. Because all of this is open wounds. Essentially. We have massive exhaust damage here. This one's broken. You can see that even the heat shielding is broken there. And did you see the exhaust back here? It's just a small exhaust leak. Come on the side. Come on the side.

That's awesome.

I would assume that all the shocks are blown because the car is sitting really weird. And this one looks a little bent. This wheel specifically looked a little off to me. We could have compression where the mounting towers are to where it cracks up like that. We've got the rear transmission brace here is broken. I mean, the rear diff mount.

Jesus Christ.

Why am I no caffeine for one week now? So I don't know what I'm talking about. This panel is probably going to reveal more damage in this area right here. We've got some damage here to the actual body of the car. Something went through this area. What a waste.


I spent so much time and effort on this beautiful car and it's just destroyed. This is what you call a total loss. Okay. We know it's gone. I have woke up this morning accepting the fact that this car is no longer. I already plan to build the G wagon a four by four. We're going to do a cool. Not going to change the interior color. We're just going to add more red to it. But starlight and everything in the sound system. But now I've got to figure out that car is a good daily. The G 63. But it's a little high. And I just had stomach surgery. So I kind of don't really fit really good in and out of it. I was really looking forward to driving this car again. I need to buy another car today that I can drive on a daily basis. I know you guys say that I have a lot of cars, but I don't drive the rental cars. Those are not mine. Those are tools for the business. They're unloading. The 918 side. It's not mine. But I might as well just start driving that one instead. So if you guys think I should start daily driving steve's 918 while he's on vacation in Hawaii, you let me know.

And this video gets like 10,000 likes. I'll do something ridiculous in that car that I shouldn't be like maybe just the world's first straight pipe donuts in a 918. oola.

What do you think?

Love it. I like these in person before I have I like the plate though.

  1. That's a good looking car. This is Steve Hamilton and he's letting us use it for a couple of videos. Story here. He says got some exciting stuff that's going to happen with this.

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