This is the final time that you're.

Gonna see the Aggara HH in this channel.

Are you sad? I am sad. Had a little bit of too much fun and they put it right into a tree. Oh, my Power series still doesn't work out of that pump that's coming. This is the final time that you're.

Going to see the agara HH in this channel.

It's on its way to Florida right.

Now, and it is going to become the guarantee hhc probably.

So on the akara HC, we'll see what happens. I haven't decided yet. It's going in for a reconstructive surgery. Going in into the knife. I really want to address a handful of things on this car that I personally love, but there's a lot of things that I don't like right here. It needs to be all redone. 2012, this car was built, and obviously in 2012, I was like 21 years old or something like that. I was unable to afford a koenigsegg at that time. And so, with the aguera being discontinued my dream car, this is my dream car, the aguera platform back. It the way I would have done from the factory. So I'm going to send it in and I'm going to have it all redone the way that I believe I would have done it back then. So if you guys take any guesses of how you think I should do this or how I'm going to do this, let me know in the comments below. I'm sending two cars off and we're going to go get the other one. Because the other one we're going to have to push. The other car that's going down to Florida is one of my Coonstages.

This is the downdraft car. Sometime in early ninety S, the interior was changed. Now, I don't really know why, because the red factory interior is so much better than this creamish color. But at the time, maybe it didn't make any sense. Red wasn't in, or whatever that may be. I have the complete plan to change us back to factory spec, which is the red interior. And I sourced this factory red leather interior from valentino Bobboni himself. So if you can see in the car right there, there's the seat inserts. Obviously, the rest of the leather is going to go on the outside of it. But this right here is a phenomenal example of of a beautiful 1983 Kontosh. It's just a great car. I want to put this up and bring a trailer as well as this one. This one I paid a lot less than it's worth now. So this car has a downdraft engine in it. It was originally a carbureted car from 1983, so it's still carbureted. But the previous owner upgraded the engine to the fastest, most powerful kuntash motor that they had made, the downdraft. And so this car isn't completely factory spec because of that engine, but it's like the best upgrade possible because it has a lot of power and once this thing's all dialed in, it'll be really fun to drive.

This car is worth well into the factory. Downdrive car is over a million and a factory harborated car as it would have come like this one, is going to be worth closer to a million dollars as well. So this is a 3000 kilometer 84 in pristine condition. This one here, I'm going to have an engine out service done. All the stuff, seals and this and brakes and every single thing redone in this car. So someone who gets into this car can feel good about paying top dollar. That one's. Next penny you're going to see your egg for two months. Probably longer than that. Probably three. The time that I wanted to drive it was in the winter. Every once in a while I do something really and yes, today is that day. So I sold a couple of cars to a dealer and they were about time to get rid of them. They had to leave the rental fleet because they were getting older. And the dealer said, hey look, I got some really cool cars for you. But I've got this one in the back that I think you might be interested in. And yeah, that's one right here, this car, he was like, I had a transporter bring the car from California to Florida for me.

The transporters decided to take it off. The truck had a little bit of too much fun and they put it right into a tree and some bushes and a whole bunch of stuff. And this car unfortunately was not covered under insurance because the transporters did not damage it while it was on the trailer. So there was no insurance involved. And the dealer obviously has to sue that company and whatever. But he was left with this car that he purchased and I thought, I haven't fixed a crash car in a long time, why don't we fix this one? Well, moral of the story is don't buy a car by its pictures. Walk us through it. We have a tree impact right here.


And on this side, I really don't know what happened. I feel like this side because this is straight right here. So I don't really get what happened this way, but it hit it at a really good angle because this area here is very easy to solve and fix. This trunk system has to be completely cut out. So I don't know what happened here. I mean, the wheels all messed up. The tree was on the other side. What happened to this side? Kind of weird, right? Double impact. What kind of wires are these? headlights. What it is, that's the inside of a headlight right there. anyways, they're roofing traffic. The good thing is this has a clean title with no carfax. So that's the funniest thing about these cars is that when these accidents happen and insurance isn't involved and there's no police reports. It is what it is. They don't have any damage reports or any Carfaxes or any title issues that no claims get paid. So, yeah, I do think that there could be some profit in here. It's actually not in bad shape.

It's actually not that bad.

It'll buff out. The miles are low. Right? We just got to get some wheels on it here. I don't think the shock is broken. I actually have a spare shock. anyways, I think we can fix it.

News, everybody. Well, I sent the koenig's egg to Miami to e three upholstery and to an unnamed body shop there that was going to transform the aguera HH into something similar to this. Now, maybe the right color or maybe this isn't the right color, but this was the style that I was looking to do. Well, it didn't happen. And the reason it didn't happen is because I got a call from the factory, someone very high up in the factory, and they asked if I would be interested in sending the car to them to do the color change and the interior change. And I talked to them a little bit and I said, you know, it's not a bad idea. I'm open to it. I don't really want it to take a year and a half. So I would agree if they agreed to do the powertrain modifications that I wanted to do at the same exact time. So it kind of was more efficient. So I think we're on the same page and I should be getting a bill for this modification, hopefully this week so I can kind of change the aguera HH, retire that one, maybe build the aguera HC you.

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