The moment of truth. I haven't actually seen this in person, so I skipped the sample process. Crossed your fingers. It looks good.

I spent all this money and skip the sample process.

Oh, I did.

I really did. I guess someone's driving around here just told me he was outside.

You excited here a little bit?

Not really.


Oh, you want to do a beard?

Go ahead. Okay. You're going to break the handle off. Don't mess it's just a little bit up. It welded itself. That's probably what happened.

It literally welded itself.

Yeah. So you have to take this off here.

Why don't you just kick it from the other side?

It's not going to open. All right, let's just skip this. Let's just look at this interior. This is how we delivered it. What's really funny is I was going to tell you before you even told me how you're delivering this interior to not use yrc freight. Yeah. You ordered a windshield for my F. Eight months later, it's that two months here at the yrc little place. Yeah. So I was like, man, we should overnight this bit.

I, like, packed it all up.


You know, I wrapped up all the small parts, and then I was advantaged.


I was like, there's no way that it would make it.

So vacation is imminent. Drive wasn't as bad as I thought. Yeah, it's pretty orange. What do you think? It's pretty orange.

Looks good.

Why don't you grab it?

You got the purple stitching, too?


Very nice.

Let's grab a seat and let's set it inside, see what it looks like inside the car.

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To get entries for this mclaren 720s, again, the fastest car or one of the fastest cars you can buy under a million dollars so you can ride as a beautiful sex symbol for almost. That one.

Looks like the bag you get when you buy something at Louis vuitton.

It looks like Hermes interior, hermes leather, Hermes orange. Let me see.

Check out the back.


Carbon feet, but eh, I like him.

Looks good. I'm trying to take this thing off right now. Who made this car so damn small?

Thank you. All right.

Yeah. I mean, this interior is so easy to put in. I need the bath.


I realized you were sitting down.

Here on my back.

No, they're all right there.

Is that what we did last time?

I think we took the seat out first. Yeah, because these back pieces right here, they just split in, you know. Yeah.

Taking you a minute to do this, by the way.

Oh, look, I found here left door, these other bolts right here. The whole entire thing is labeled. I must have been involved in taking this apart. That definitely wasn't oh, this is serious wheel.

It's the steering thumb.

So much cool shit. Here's the mirror gasket. Okay. You must put these on prior to putting the door panel. You have to take apart the mirror because there's no gap at all.


Lots to come for beer in the next 6 hours, 200 hours. It's a lot. Doing the math. I don't actually think you have the interior possession for 200 hours, but we.

Have like three people working on it.

It only took actually 726 minutes. anyways, come over. Let me just show you the interior. The guy's over at E three in Florida, I think it's in Miami or something, that's who they just drove here and hand delivered by interior because they were worried that fedex or Ups might damage it. So that's the type of service we're talking about. I could have had this done locally. I have a local shop. That's great. I really enjoy the local shop, but this is just at another level of quality. I don't know. I've been following these guys on Instagram ever since they did tavarish's interior. And with that special stitch they did on tavarish's, Mercell lago just caught my attention. And it was like whenever I was going to do a full custom interior project, I knew I was going to use them. Look at the pieces. I mean, we laid them out and looked at the ground, but this this is all hand stitched. I mean, you could talk about that what I'm talking about.

I can tell you that we took the logo, took the coinite logo, and that was what inspired this weekday search. So if you look at the design on the logo, you kind of copy it here, just kind of bring it all together.

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This is actually one of my favorite designs in the new Drop. Also this one here, we're going with a dark gray on the tricolor Royalty. This one doesn't have anything on the.

Back, but that's okay.

We've got yellow as well. So, same concept as the Royalty tricolor, but this one does feature an image on the back. Nice royalty exotic car stuff. And lastly guys, we are adding in a full women's line. You asked and we provided. So for the ladies out there or whoever would like to wear it, we have these beautiful crop tops to go ahead and match with the men's line. We got a couple of different options. We got your yellow and black Royalty design. And we got this one here with the bugatti down the center. Now we are also introducing our new hats. We are going with different colors this time, guys. Please leave your feedback. Let us know we'll get to you all in the row for this new merch Drop. We are going to go ahead and drop this on Saturday, August 21. Also what you guys are going to do is you're going to go ahead and like this video. And when we get to 15,000 likes, we are going to show you guys. And we'll be giving away five of these new royalty exotic cars posters. You'll see the full line on Saturday, but we have every car in the fleet with these beautiful glamour shots.

So get this video to 15,000 likes and we'll be giving away these five posters. Also included in this drop, guys, a little preview. We have our four different air fresheners. We've got strawberry, we've got the wonderful pine smell, but not your grandpa's pine, our pine. We've got the new car scent and raspberry vanilla. So not only will you be looking fresh, but you'll be smelling fresh riding down the street. In whatever kind of car you have, you just smelling like royalty.

So we have all the controls in on the conusac here. everything's all hooked up, ready to go. We got the all this guy here, too, all ready to go. Now the next thing to go in is the dash itself. So that has to go in before the rest of the vent pieces, like this guy here, can go in. So we're going to start with that, get all that situated, and then we'll get the rest of the interior in the car.

Here we have the dash.

A lot of dynamat on this car. So this piece is somewhat kind of what's that so what this does is that it prevents any kind of unwanted vibrations, any kind of unwanted noise, anything like that.

It looks like tinfoil.

It does stick to tinfoil, but it weighs a lot.

Have you run into any problems so far by doing the interior installation?

Yes, a few. Some of the holes weren't cut into it. Like this guy here and this guy, they weren't really cut. So we have to make our own little holes in order to line up with the bolts where all the nuts are supposed to go. This guy here, for example, we're going to have to wind the hole here a little bit. So we're going to have to cut it out in order for this to go in place. And then that's pretty much about it. Finish is pretty good, except yeah, this is a lot thicker in some places. For example, here, we're just running into issues here of the mounting spots here on the inside, it won't line up. So we're just going to have to hopefully get the leather stretch or relax a little bit where everything goes back into place.

It's quality leather, though.

It is. They did a really good job. They told me that everything was hand stitched themselves. Like all of this was all done by hand. And if they messed up, even by putting it in the wrong hole, then they would have to start over the whole process.

You're a little late on my reaction. My jaw dropped when I walked in here. This is something special, huh? You lost on yourself. Maybe I get to design a hypercar. I don't know. Wow. Honestly, this is the hottest spec I've ever seen. Yeah, this is the hottest spec I've ever now I'm a koni speck fan. I was always a higher Fed, a goni fed, but what I think we should do is spec every single hypercar on the market in this color combination and have, like, a collection of all the same ones and see which one looks better.

We could toss things.

Wean in there, too. that'd be good. Honestly, I'm not hating on your bentley. It's like, when I see it on the road, I'm like, wow, that's a nice looking car. That just means I'm getting very old. But yeah, I think it's hard. We were talking about selling. I have currently three hypercars and we're building this big business and talking about selling them. And then I was like, yeah, fuck it, I'll sell more. I don't need those super cars. Can't sell this, but you can't sell this one. You can sell the red ones, you can sell all the other ones, but not my God, ten out of ten. It's not even on the scale anymore. It's like 25 out of ten. What do you think of the silver? Does that bother you? I mean, it's going to be very expensive and very, very difficult for me to take it all and make it black, but it's possible. I would say make it black. But you've been waiting for this car for like nine months. Enjoy it the way it is. And then if you want later on, maybe like summer when it's really hot.


You're not going to drive this car. I don't the summer doesn't mean it's not that bad.

It kind of feels nostalgic, to be honest.

Yeah, right. It belongs it's very difficult to anodize all the pieces. So the last thing I have to do is I've got an aggressive steering wheel. I think what I'm going to do is get it cut and I'm going to flat bottom. Like I'm going to shave this down and shave this down a little bit because the steering wheel itself isn't terrible. The issue is that the airbag is very specific to this car. I'll just do the bottom on the top. You want to be able to control it. Yeah, I mean, you're right. I was going to put a gigardo steering wheel in here. The physical shelf, the gago steering wheel. And this airbag here is an old airbag from a Volkswagen. This is probably 2003 or 2002. Right. So that the connector on here, which is really is an Audi connector. So yeah, I'm so sorry. But some of out earbacks. porsche airbag. porsche airbag 2003. Going to see what he was doing? He kind of did, actually. I mean it's really unique. But this connector see the thing is these are all resistor bases in this airbag system. I don't know if I put a newer version airbag on there.

If it's going to work, it'll work. If there's one thing we know about you, you can make anything work. Yeah. Worried about that. You're the mcgover of cars, apparently.

Dude, this is so sexy.

You know, the only problem with this car is imagine you see this car like far away, it's like speeding down. So sexy. Top down. And then the guy pulls up next to you. The guy pulls up next to me. It's only going to be me. And there's not a lot of sit inside. Can I speak to you about that? So Houston has this thing where I'm not allowed to drive any of his cars ever. Drive any of my cars ever. He just got a brand new sto. Okay. I saw driving down the street today. Yeah, gigi fuck you. I saw it this morning.


You know he's driving. I go, houston's at work already. Gigi gets to drive seo before I do. He's like, yeah. He's like, Boy, you can't drive it. I'm like, you haven't heard what Houston says. He's like, dude, that's fucked up. Like he let gg drive it before you I picked up the car with him. I gave him a ride. No, he gave me a ride, but I drove his the G class. Oh, yeah, the g six. Yeah. So I feel like I owe Ride. I'll take you in the car if you want. Thank you. It's not like I haven't own the real thing. If you promise to not take the traction control off, you can drive the car. I'd rather not. Exactly.

Boom. Done. Wow, that took a while.

Busted a sweat.

It took a while. And it took a lot of force to put that on there.

Getting their completion here with the interior.

We got a couple of last things to do. We got to put in the cd player here and then we're going to put in the door panel. But before we could put in the door panels, we have to put the new gaskets in between the mirror and the door itself. In order to do that, we have to put power to the car and roll the windows up. And then while the windows up, we can get everything all disconnected. Until then, you'll see the completion of.

Everything here in just a little bit.

It's all done. Only took about 4 hours, but it's.

All ready to go.

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