So we're out to look at another location that we're expanding to right now. I've got some potential franchisees in the car. Say hi. Hi, Mario. Say hi. Mario and Tony want to franchise the houston's Hot chicken. But, see, I'm not gonna go crazy and let him get into a ridiculous market. So I'm gonna take him to a market where I feel is the most valuable for them opportunity that they have. If they don't want it, I'm taking it for myself. We're here at the airport picking up Mr. edmund from his Frontier Airlines flight. He's got his louie bag, his paper mask. What are we doing right now? I already told everybody on the camera.

We're doing?

Going to Utah.

I'm doing $350,000. What we do last week espina $600,000. What we do with the week before?

Stop talking shot.

Thousand dollars.

We don't have that kind of update video still going on. He's so stupid. See, he's always trying to save money. I tell him all the time, don't sacrifice your quality of life to build something new, right? Because then you'll end up hating it, right? And that's an opinion of mine. I never sacrifice my quality of life to build a new business, because, like I said, I don't want to blame that business for ruining something if it goes wrong. So I only invest what I feel is necessary, that I could lose or that I'm pretty much guaranteed to win. At. edmund and I just don't share the same opinions on some things. But we're, like, open to using top chicken locations like crazy right now. And it's really important that we focus and get them open because it's a lot of work and we have so many people that are trying to franchise. So we currently have two franchise locations, and we've got about, I don't know, a couple of hundred applications still on a bunch of spots. Now there's a guy that wants to take an entire state. I won't say the state, but that's probably going to happen.

It's a hundred location deal.

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I'm pretty confident in us being able to close that because I don't really want that state. And it's like a it's a tough game moving all over the country. I like Arizona. I like Vegas. I like California. And I like Utah. Those are the states that I want to own. What do you think, Tony?

You kind of gave it away with 100 locations. There's only a couple of spots that are big enough to house 100 locations and be successful.

Yeah, there's three states, I believe that.

Could have 100 locations.

But if you're taking California and Arizona, slim picking.

There's Texas and Florida left, basically. I'm really excited to open these other locations and we're going to Utah right now.

Edmonton already ruined the surprise, but where.

We'Re going to Utah is pretty I'm really excited about that particular spot in Utah because I feel like it's like a micro market, and micro markets, in my opinion, do the best because you get brand loyalty, right. And it's so hard for someone else to expand next to you in a micro market. So first to market in a micro market usually wins forever. He's fun, cool. His tire blue looks like are you going to move or something? He's an uber driver. What does he do? Hopefully someone from the St. George police department is watching this and they write them in a ticket for jaywalking. They have one person working, billing, maintenance, remodeling. They're all remodeling, dude. They're making money at ksc because they lost that sandwich, bro. Trying to copy that hhc. All right, Houston, so what were your first impressions? I love this space. I love this location. I love every single thing about St. George boulevard. But the problem is that the guys that bought it are realtors and they're going to just try to gamble and see if they can get someone to come in, pay the rent and not have to do any tis, which I respect.

It's a business. It is what it is. So usually when you lease a building, it's a big corporate group that owns it and they've got very specific numbers and stuff that they know exactly what they want for cap rates and all these little different situations. So this place here is like a mom and pop ownership, essentially, that doesn't necessarily have a couple of hundred grand to give you nti to fix some of the issues because this building here is not habitable. It's not to code. You can't use the bathrooms. There's so many issues with it that if it doesn't say I'm sorry, if it doesn't stay exactly what it was under the same license, all that stuff has to be changed because then wouldn't be grandfathered in anymore. So essentially it doesn't necessarily work for us. Exactly. We're going to look at a building across the street, though, that is much, much bigger and possibly better opportunity. Bigger doesn't always mean better, but I don't know, we'll see. Wow. All right, so basically all of us are here. And I don't know if someone knew that or something. It's very, very suspicious right now, but someone walked into our office and took matt's backpack, which has his laptop in it.

So we're going to jam back to Vegas and we're going to get his laptop back. Luckily, it's got my iphone on it. I don't know how you explain that, but it has a gpa, so we're going to go get it.

We're back at royalty, and the issue has kind of been.

It'S got a.

Lot worse when we were in Salt Lake or sorry, St. George, we didn't realize that the particular individual that came in and took only a backpack, he actually didn't take. Just that. We now realize that there's multiple firearms missing. Unfortunately, they were on my desk because I just cleaned out one of my cars, and I was going to take them home tonight, but then get back in time.

Yeah, the whole plan was to get your desk cleaned out, the car cleaned out, and move everything to your house because you're moving offices soon.

We are rewind the royalty Exotic Cars corporate office was robbed. That's actually currently where houston's Hot Chicken corporate office is. We're sharing right now, and we're in the middle of a move because I'm building a new office for for royalty, and I'm building a new one for hhc. And we're just in a shared space at the moment. And we left for a couple of hours. That was it. And the guy came in. He actually went to multiple businesses, basically fishing, and he walked into our spot where only jenna was, and there was.

Nothing she could do.

He came in, he grabbed the guns. He grabbed them, put them in the backpack, took off with matt's laptop, which unfortunately has all the memories from his father that just passed away. I don't know how to say that.

His father recently passed.

Yeah. And so that's really important, and I'm really upset. That's why I'm so upset. I can replace the guns. I don't want them on the street, but I can go buy new ones. And we cannot get matt's laptop's content back. So this has become a little bit more personal issue for me, and obviously I want to solve this. So if you guys are watching this, please help us try to find this guy. We believe we know where he is. The laptop has GPS. We're working with the detectives. That's why we can't just go break down his door. As much as I want to right now. But it's probably not a good idea because I know he's armed since he has my firearms, but this is going to become a pretty big issue.

Yeah, they're very particular firearms, too.

Yeah. I mean, there's staccatoes. Staccatoes are like super crazy Italian guns that are very accurate. So it's not like yeah, definitely not.

A gun that you just want to go bursting down. No, somebody door it.

But I don't want to make this video too long. This isn't really anything that's going to get solved with us talking about it, and we just need to get out there and get some of these police on it and get these people back to I don't even know. I'm not even talking.

No, we have to make sure that we're doing everything the right way to make sure we get matt's contents with laptop back. That's the biggest thing for us, because, again, items can be replaced. Memories that Matt has with no, he doesn't have the ability to remake these memories with his dad, so we're going.

To get that for us. Obviously, getting robbed in the middle of the day is a new thing. So California, New York, any of these states that have a huge crime waves are starting to feel it. We have in Las Vegas have had an influx of people from Los Angeles and Southern California coming here to do crime. Obviously, Las Vegas Strip is a pretty easy place, and we're only, like, a block off the Strip, so it's a really unfortunate situation. This location is a gift and a curse, but we're obviously fully protected. I mean, no one would ever make an attempt at royalty. We're fully secured at this building, but because we're in that small temporary office at the time, that's why this happened. And I don't want to say I let my guard down, but jenna was there, but what's she going to do? We're just lucky that jenna didn't get hurt, honestly. She's a little girl and what she can do with an armed robber, so she just basically sat there, and the guy came in, and she couldn't do anything, and that's why she obviously called us immediately after. But he must have picked a day he had to be surveilling us, because there was no other day that we haven't been here.

But anyways, I'm going to end this video right now. I just want to get up and.

Start working on this.

I can't sit here and talk about it. It's making me really upset. So stay tuned, guys, and if you guys have any help, please give us a call to office. Don't comment, don't email us. Just call us, and let's get this handled. If you know where this guy is, if you've seen him before, or if you know that a pawn shop or anything has seen this guy trying to sell my stuff or map stuff, call us immediately right here at royalty. So thank you. If you guys are going to help us, I appreciate that.

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