What's up, everyone? It's Mike here. Well, today it's a pretty good, exciting day here in Vegas. As you can see, we got that's a race, pretty thing that you can't.

Really tell what it is. But we're going to get off the.

Truck, take it to our service center. I'm going to start tearing it down.

And rebuilding it for you guys.

Telling him to stop and he's keeping on going.

Seems like we should get paid for this.

Code royalty.

Towing, repossession, recovery, just about everything, man. Going hard left. You need a discount, right? Is there a discount code for doing all the work? Use promo code royalty. We're turning and steering and using wheel jacks and all types of stuff.

I'll think of that car up there.

So many questions.

We are back again, guys, with our partners, my bookkey. And for this week, Tom Brady returns to New England for the biggest game of the year. And the stakes have never been higher at my bookie.

Whether you're with the bucks or the.

Past, this Sunday's game is always more exciting when you've got money on the line. With my bookie. Get in on the action and take this game to a whole new level. At my bookie. Both teams are scoring top defenses. Nobody knows each other better than Brady and Villicheck. Slow and steady. We win this race. This week, smart money bets the under. Don't wait around. Join my bookie now and bet the biggest game of the season. Use our promo code royalty and double your first deposit. That's right. Double your first deposit now. We did a great job last week. Again, promo code royalty. Double your first deposit at mybuky AG today.

Hit that one. That's a good one. When it takes like a half an hour to get off the tow truck, that's a good, that's a good one. where's the beard? Has he seen his new project yet? Wonder what happened on the parts on the card. Oh, they are nice.

I don't know about the grill. In the spirit of xcel, I saw the bump.

So for those of you guys that don't know, this is going to be on the rebuild channel. I'm really focused in buying wrecked Rolls royces because I bought the entire inventory of basically southern florida's Rolls Royce parts.



The entire inventory from the dealer.

Doesn't matter. I have a lot of Rolls Royce parts.

Like a lot.

When I say a lot, I have a lot.

I have like a million dollars in Rolls Royce parts.

So I try to buy the rec one so that I don't have to like go on ebay and sell them all the time. I can just put them on these cars and then sell the car, you know. Pretty sure I got them all except the fender.

This thing wasn't missing a door, right? We have a door.

I have two doors for raids. I have all the parts except and they're white. Yeah, they're white. Yeah. Funny.

He's a nice steam clean on the inside, too.

Colin with tetra.

His name is jose.

Hey, Albert.

I told Albert he should because Albert.

Used to be about to have things up next to me.

And this guy doesn't speak in English and his translator is so retarded.

So mean.


We're having to jack up this broken in.

It's got a broken lower control arm.

So that's just allowing the wheel to go all kinds of sideways and potentially snap off being real dangerous. So kind of problem solving just to get it down off the truck.

My experience so far with this race is that it's a big giant can.

In the butt already, just getting it off the delivery truck and onto our tow truck. Cars don't move very well when they have a broken forward control arm and the wheel could just do whatever it wants.

That's my experience so far. We'll see what the rest of it has for us.

I bet you're wondering why we bought a wrecked race. Is it to rent it? Absolutely not. The rect race is for our rebuilds channel.

What you guys are going to want.

To do is you're going to want to go follow that channel and watch the complete rebuild of that rolls royce race. Also, another very intriguing reason to go follow that channel as well is the bugatti documentary is going to be on there. Oh, my goodness. So what you're going to do is you're going to go over to that channel, you're going to subscribe royalty, rebuild, you're going to watch all those cool videos, and on this video right here in particular, you're going to get us 50 million likes, and we're going to give you guys that race. 50 million. We're going to give it to you.

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