Tony. Today we're gonna talk about the absolute insanity of this bugatti sheeran auction and the I'll make a five reasons why I'm not gonna buy this bugatti. Shear on because people are absolutely insane.

All right?

The first thing, if there are five.

Reasons for you not to buy this car, then there must be a problem.

There's many more. More than five reasons.

It usually takes, like, 100 problems for Houston.

Okay? It's crazy. All right, I'm going to give you a little context. We are making a follow up video for the sheer on the burned down. Now, I was really active in going to pursue this car. I mean, active as can be. And then the car went to copart, and copart did a wonderful job of cleaning it. Mario, please insert that footage because the car looks great now. It actually looks like you just pick it up and drives away. But there's more to the story, and I think a lot of people that are bidding on this car don't really they're not seeing clearly here because they're looking at this like a regular car at copart, they don't understand some of the caveats of buying a car like a bugatti and trying to get parts.


So first things first. The car here, they finally updated that it has a Florida Certificate of Destruction. Oh, my goodness. That's what the title says. So can you please tell me what you think that means?

That basically the avengers had a battle there and it was on the bottom of something.

It's correct.


So what that means is you're never going to be able to register this vehicle ever again. Now, it is possible to export this, but see, the problem with exporting a car that is of three $4 million value is it brings a lot of attention, because when you export a car, you're going to have to pay tax on it, right? And, like, when you export a $20,000 car, they a lot of these weird things flying under the radar. When you export a $4 million car, nothing's flying under the radar. It's getting the attention of every single person involved. So I was thinking maybe the people that are bidding on this are out in Saudi Arabia or in some other country around the world where they don't understand that there's going to be some major implications of that.


Secondly, because it has a Florida title, I can't get a certificate of Destruction.

Certificate of destruction.

Bugatti is no longer required to sell parts for this car. So I called everybody because I was like, look, if this car is going to sell for under a million bucks, right, then I don't know, it's a good idea. Like, I'll buy it, right? But if it's going over a million bucks, it's not a good idea because I would just put it on display. I paint the car, fix it up a little bit. I wouldn't even really fix that just put on display. And I could charge like $100 to take a picture in it, basically for something like the mall and eventually get your money back. Five years later, it'll be whatever. So then I started thinking, okay, well, what if I actually wanted to get parts for it? So I called all my bugatti reps, everybody that I know of bugatti, and they specifically told me there would not be any parts sold for this car. And because of the title status in America, manufacturers are required to support that car for up to ten years after the vehicles being produced. But when you buy a part from bugatti, you have to give them the vin number, the specific part, the specific thing, and they send you some paperwork to sign when you buy that part.


So no dealer is allowed to work on this car.


They're not allowed to service it not allowed to do anything because bugatti doesn't want anything to do with it because it's destroyed.


So I started to think, okay, what's the real value of the car if I'm on my own?


The car starts, it probably drives.


It's got a lot of lights on the dash, which is a problem. But at the end of the day, what's the value? What do you think the value is? Let's say I could buy the parts and everything. We're looking at 7000, $800,000. The fender alone is 300 grand. Just the one fender. The door? Have no idea. I never priced the door.


The hood's, 80,000. The windshield is probably the Vayrun windshield is 25. So the shear run windshield is probably upwards of 30 to 40. Right. Not including the wire harness or anything else. I mean, the interior looks nice. It looked a lot worse. The seat has leather damage. It's not a big deal. It looked a lot worse from the original pictures that I saw. But there's a bunch of stuff like the windshield wiper motor and all that stuff up front that's going to need to be replaced. But just the hard cost components, the big major ones. Let's say it's like 5000, $800,000. What do you think the car on the high end?


So you're saying that you would pay 1.2 million for the car auction? Put $500,000.

Oh no. Total.

Okay, so $700,000 a month.

I'd say about that.

So the auction went to a million dollars at copart in the first three days pre sale. And then copart freaked out, took it down and reset it.


And I think they're trying to verify all the bidders on the car. It's currently over $800,000.


And this is about a month away from actually selling. So I'm assuming this car is going to sell in the mid one five range. Wow.


Just to give you some context, about six months ago, a white on white bugatti shiron sold for $2.8 million with 800 miles in Texas okay, so let's just say you pay one five for a car. Not a salvage car, a destruction title car. You pay one two, let's just say one two. And then you got to put a half a million dollars into it. You find some way to get the parts. You're in that car one seven, you're literally a million less than a brand new this house 3000 miles on, by the way, which is like super hot. Okay, so 800 miles, white on white, 2.8 million, easily sell that car, no problem. Register it, insure it, the works. How are you going to register and insure this car? You can't. No one will give you insurance on this.


Now if anybody thinks, oh, well, I can get insurance on my mclaren with parts only title, I can get it with this. It's not the same. Yeah, bugatti. When you get a bugatti, your insurance company goes through like, a full blown investigation on you. Like it's real. I was turned down by so many insurance companies until I finally found one that would legitimately insure me for a reasonable rate. And I can tell you on a driveable car registerable car, like, once they go into it, it's total, it's toast. So I'm completely blown away and shocked right now about this. I just think that people are going they're bidding on this car because they see the value and they think they can flip it. And that's where they're wrong, right? This is not a flippable car because who's going to pay you? Let's say you paid 1 million. Fix the car for 400,000. Like super low. You're in it for one four. You need to make at least 20% of your money to make that make sense. So it's about 300 grand. Who's going to pay you one seven on a car that cannot use? I'm just so confused about this.

The number on the car for me was $500,000. Anything over 500, I was out. So let me tell you guys, it's already at over 800,000. I'm way out, all right? I'm not an idiot, and I know the story. This car, whoever's going to buy it is going to sit there. They're going to struggle. They're going to try to take it apart, or they're going to just roll around it illegally and then they're going to get in trouble because this is too big of a deal. It's too public, it's too out there in the open. Someone's going to see it. These YouTube little fanboys are going to Tattletail on you and then everybody's going to get involved. So be my guess. Maybe if you do fix it, paint the car a different color, at least don't keep it this color because that's dangerous, right?

You have to keep that car under wraps until you're either done with it or really, really close to being done.

Or take it to like, some island where no one knows you and then you're not going to have very good driving roads.

Anyway, the internet's crazy place.

It really is. So that being said, I mean, good luck to whoever's bidding on this car if you do end up getting it. I actually have a few shear on parts, so let me know. I've got a bunch of parts left for the veyron that I didn't use that I had over time. But I have some shear on glass, so I have the window glass that broke. I bought a big inventory of bugatti parts a long time ago, and there happened to be a sheer window glass in there. So whoever does get the car, reach out to me. I got you a window glass. At least I can get you one little part there. I don't know if the mirror glass is broken. I assume it is, but I got one of those, too.

I saw a picture of it.

I got one of those, too.

Oh, my goodness.

I can help.


I also did just get three more front axles in stock for the veyron and possibly shear. And I don't know what the shear on front axle looks like. I assume it's the same as the beyon. But if anybody has a beyon out there and they need to get their front axles fixed, the boots rip and stuff all the time. They're about $80,000 from bugatti. I've got two sets, so mine are only 79. 99.

That's right.

Pleasure. But yeah, dude, that's wild, right?

That's extremely crazy.


So let's just we're going to have to just get rid of this. Yeah, we need a new project, so.

Whoever is looking for that car better have a plan. And they got, what, about a month to figure it out?

There's a month that's going to be by before that car comes on the market, like, officially for sale, where you're going to be able to pay for it. But that Certificate of Destruction, man, that's.

The coolest name I've ever heard.

It literally is.

But I cannot believe that someone is willing to pay that kind of money for a car with a title like that. It just blows.

Do you think the people that are bidding are oblivious to what's actually going on with that car?

I do. Nobody with that type of money, in my opinion, could be that, like, naive to not look into all these factors and to have a plan when you buy that car. I can see that maybe there's a group of people that are putting their money together. That's possible. They're all trying to bid and they're all going to put it together, but there's no profit in sight. That's my whole problem with it. So I don't know what to think about it. I don't know if you guys know of any other wrecked cars that are on the market. I'm always a buyer for rec cars. We have the royalty rebuilds channel. We've got a whole bunch of cool cars. I got a rate that's wrecked. We got an M four. We've got a bunch of six speed conversions that we're doing with five nine, nine and 430s, which kind of like a little personal project for me because I like those six speed cars. But if you guys get a wrecked car right, and you know of it, I can buy it preinsurance you can make a little bit of money, like when your insurance buyback comes up and says, hey, you know, do you want to buy this car back because it's totaled?


You can buy that car back and usually make a profit on it. So I typically pay $5,000 extra for exotic cars when they have those situations.

With all of the buyback talk. And now the shear on this is not going to be your next hypercar. So what is nothing.

Nothing on the market right now that's.

Not very Houston like.

There's just no way. I want a wira, kind of, but I want a wira that I can modify.


So I just don't think that there's a way for me to get a car like that. At the moment, the market is very high, and randy's bringing his wira for sema. Unfortunately, I will not be at sema. I happen to plan a family vacation, ironically, at the exact same time. Ironically, maybe on purpose, maybe not, I'm not sure. But my favorite week here, sema, a week for us at Royalty is healthy, so I did it for seven years. Guys, I'm out. See you.

Also, I'm aware of a V Twelve that you were looking to get into. Are you still looking into that one?

Yeah, I mean, there's a bunch of cars that I really like. I definitely wanted to get. I just bought a new V Ten car that's pretty exciting. So hopefully it comes here soon. It's out for shipping right now. Supposed to be picked up Monday. That's a car that I think will make a lot of content with. And I'm looking for a six speed mercy lago. But I don't know if that's the right car to buy right now. I have a friend that has one, and I really, really like his car, but I kind of want to take a car like that and turbo it. And I know that's a really bad idea because I just think that that's just a really bad idea. But it sounds such like a good idea to me.

Sounds like a great idea. Yeah, because Rebuilds Channel kind of replaces a hypercar.

Well, good news is that mine and edmunds hypercar project is in full swing. The car landed in Italy about a month ago. So the car that you guys saw a few pictures of and all the frame and all that stuff is now in Italy. And they're putting the body on.


So we've got carbon molds all made, and everything is starting to come together. And that's truly like I started thinking about it. Like I started thinking about the konigs egg and I started thinking about the vehrons that I have and maybe I should just kind of move on from people's hypercars that I own and start focusing on my own and really finish it. That's a really good idea. Really finish the car. I started a bunch of new businesses during this time. And we manufacture on wheels now. I've got distribution business for furniture. We've got houston's hot chicken. We've got a bunch of cool things with the car wash. And obviously Royalty, the YouTube business, we're slimming down. I'm keeping royalty only in Vegas, right? So now with the hypercar project, I feel like I can spend maybe a month out in Italy and kind of like really fine tune it, get some testing done. I'd like the idea of driving my own car, right? And that's kind of the intention of it. When I first started was I wanted to drive my own car, right? I didn't want to own something behind it. And then when I bought the koenig sag, I fell in love.

I loved that car. I loved every bit of that car, right? And I modified it. I made it one off. It's so cool. That car literally is so cool. But thinking about it, in the long run, I want to represent myself, right? And I want to represent what I've built. So I do think that there's an opportunity for me to go and really focus on that this year for 2022.

That's what I'd say the plan would be. Because you have to build a car strong enough for you not to break it.

True. What we've built is pretty strong. We build is pretty strong. I like the motor, I like the power level. I like the sound, I like the doors. It's got goal wings.

How much power are we at now? Because I know we can go range.

There's a big range. But driving the konigsegg mid engine, £2900, that car has about 900 wheel, right? I want to bump it up just a little bit. And I think 1200 wheel, because it's a rear wheel drive car, mid engine, I think 1200 is really where I want to be, right? Driving my ugr gallardo, it's really fun at like 1500 crank. My car is currently an all wheel drive, so it does have that little extra traction on the low end. But once you get on the freeway, I've got 355s on the back of that car. It moves. So I think going down to 1200 for the gallardo is a slightly different my car is longer, so it's got better traction, right? I have like about a twelve inch extra wheelbase than the gallardo. My wheelbase is equal to like what a La Ferrari is. So with that extra power and that length and that stability with all my arrow that we've built into the car, it's a strong car. Strong.

That's good.

That's what it needs to be.


So let's end this video on that note.

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