Ridiculous. I gotta get a reaction I was not expecting. That it's. I don't think anybody in the world is expecting it. Let me tell you something. I have so much adrenaline right now. Recording.

Okay, he's got to wait.

Yeah, it's all good. I want to let you know, this is not like medium boost. There's a high boost setting that adds 500 more horsepower. No way. Yes. What is this pushing right now?

Technically, 15.

Here we go, guys. Tell you what, if you haven't lived, if you haven't German in this gentle, if your heart is giving out, you don't need the stipulator. Jump in one of these and you're good. You are good. Oh, my God. I'm about to die. Instant sweating, too. That's wild, right? Yes, that is wild. All right, I need to adjust one thing on the clutch because it's a little bit too the throttle position center needs to be recalibrated. Wow. That is intense. Yeah. That's why I will never sell my twin turbo gallardo, period. It will never be for sale. You just can't replicate this experience.

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All right, guys, we got a Crash Van Der Hall that didn't even make it a mile. We crashed into an Audi, so we're going to go see crash Audi and A vander hall. They didn't crash outie.


By the way, guys, edwin has a million dollar liability, so go ahead and crash it.

What is the tragedy?

Don't do that, please.

This is great.


I'm a little disappointed. Let's make this interesting thing up. Oh, shit.

Water bottles.

Oh, my god.


He's got your car. What? This guy. I'm sorry. Oh, my god. Mario, I'm sorry. We almost just crashed into the crash. Vander hall.

He breaks is left on, and when you're going fast, he breaks on. You're not going to have a good time.

You've got to get swiftly.

That's what I said. That's what I said. But when they floored it, they said the e brake was up, and then they get it to the right.

I don't believe that. E brakes. Rear wheel drive right on the rear. I know, but it's on the rear.

Hand brakes on the rear.

So if that was the case, it'd be sliding the entire time. Not when they let off the gas. Have you ever done a one wheel killer? It's just slippery over here. So they must have lost control from driving fast. It's got nothing to do with e brake.

So they lost control and hit that car.


All right, so basically, customers saying that they left the e brake up and because they left the car, lost traction. But if you leave the e brake up, leaving the lock, the rear wheel.

Is going to be locked, your pro.

Wheels is going to be pushing you, but the rear is going to be sliding the entire top. So they would have noticed it way down there, not over here. If I had to guess, they did exactly what you and I were doing. Just speeding over here. Car comes in front of them. They slam on the brakes. You saw how slippery it is over here. They lost traction and trying to blame it on the car. The cops see us speeding like that. You must have seen it. We slammed on the brakes right in front of you.

I saw you.

I had heard you. Look, I had no idea there were two cars. I'm like, I'm a slip in the middle of them here. Mario, cool block deal crash. There's absolutely zero marks on the tires that showed that easy brake was on. And to be that guy. But I got a tied with edmund on this one. Definitely driver ball. 1 second. Michael is not looking. I'll tell you when. Yeah. So we got to go away. We got to go away. Hot here. Yeah. Oh, there we go. I just tell you, it's so hot in Vegas. Like, I'm like 125 degrees here. This is how hot it is. I just touched my bag, and it's all wet. Michael, we're gonna give him a little fun over here.

Hey, there, big fella. Hop on in. What are you wearing? My big green tractor thing. Okay. By the way, this was sent to us by a fan. He saw the video and said that was a totally great idea. So thank you. Shout out to you. It's like they beat you to it. Beer dang. ain't no one taking my vander. Haul that's mine blew out this way this time.

Huge announcement, guys. royalty Rally number two is live, but we are doing it from September 17 to September 21, technically, will be the last ending day. We have vehicles available for you to rent. We're going from Las Vegas here all the way to San Diego, California. We have some dope fish is planned, and it'll be an all inclusive pricing. So sign up now, guys, with the early bird special. You can get 20% off your rally pricing. If you have a dope car, sports car, luxury car, exotic car, bring it on down. We're going to make sure you get on the rally also, guys, it's time to give away a four hour experience, which is our team golden ticket. So to win it for the golden ticket this time, we use the proper hashtag. We have Tyler Moore. Tyler Moore. Make sure you dm us proof on instagram that that is your account, so we can send you your four hour experience, which is your golden ticket.

Tell them to email me because they get way too long.

Go ahead and email Mario Mario at royalty Exotic Tyler Moore. This is for you specifically. And what we're going to want to make sure we do is claim it as soon as you can. Just because if you don't claim it, we're going to give it away. Next, with this Van Der Hall crash, we want to make sure we have the proper hashtag. So you guys are going to hashtag wasted rental on this video for your chance to win your next golden ticket.

Three, two.

All right, everybody.

Just kidding. Hold on, hold on.

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