Some fishy's going on, and big time. I think we uncovered a stolen car ring and all this stuff, and everybody's kind of ignoring it. But if you go through and watch those videos, a police officer paid $36,000 cash for a car on offer up, which is a little fishy, and did not drive it in the first three days of its possession. Welcome back to another end of the year video. I said this about one video ago. That's right. We're here. We're at my house. We're in front of two beautiful supercars. That one's a supercar. This is a hypercar. I really like that one. I love this one. But I love this place because I'm here with my best friend Tony and Mario behind the camera where he should always stay. They were talking about the top repossessions of the year. And if you guys just saw the previous video we did with our top five rex, thank you for watching. This one here is a little bit more emotional because when we go out and repo these cars, we're like life and death.


It's like the real deal. And I like kind of play it down a little bit, but legit. There's been some scary moments, some of them not on film, so I could share you some stories. But fortunately, we did get a few of these abandoned cars or repossessions on film. So we're here to show you those.

Number five at the bottom of the list.

I don't think it's number five. I think we only got four. We'll start with number five.

Number five is the orange evo that Mario and Beer did have to go all the way out to. Valley of fire. Valley of Fire to go get. So a nice hour, hour and a half drive in traffic.

This one was abandoned. And honestly, if you guys rent a Lamborghini, stay close to the office if you're going to abandon it because it's really annoying driving, like 2 hours away to go and pick up a car because you're too embarrassed to. Say that you broke it or you're not okay driving it, or you're just plain retarded and want to leave it in the middle of the desert for hours on hours before you tell us?

Yeah, because then we have to track it. Then we have to figure out if the car was in the bermuda Triangle breakdowns.

That's correct.

So just so everybody knows, in case any cars ever break down, they're always at the Valley of Fire or the hoover Dam.


As far as you can possibly be.

Yeah. And if you're in a sling shot and it breaks down, it's only at the hoover Dam. It's always at 04:00. So we're going to have to get a satellite office at the hoover Dam. Satellite mechanic shop. But all right. That was a good one.

So number four, the Rolls Royce abandoned in the ghetto.

You say ghetto like that was the title of the video.

Oh, in the ghetto. If you guys ever want to reference back to that video, this royce abandoned.

Particular situation sucked because it was blatantly tony's fault. That one. michael's fault.

I don't think that one you're the.

General manager of the business, so obviously it's your fault. You're always in charge, and you let Michael rent this car to someone that didn't have a real credit card.

That's true.

It's super a bs. And cs, if your credit card is not in your name, it's not going to be a legitimate rental. It's like, that's what my opinion is. And Tony always ignores the fact that michael makes all these damn mistakes. And it used to be hermes, but we moved past hermes, and now Michael is the new person making all the damn mistakes, and he rents this car. And the second the car didn't come back, okay, all I do is, I'm like, all right, let me see the driver's license, the credit card, let me see the insurance. And I get the picture. And it's like our computer, like, loads like this. And the picture starts coming up. I see the picture of the person, and then I see the credit card, and I'm just like, okay, it's gone. Let's go get it. You know immediately that they made a mistake. And that's what the case was today. Or that particular video. It was dropped in a very poor part of town, and it was destroyed. I mean, literally destroyed. It had cigarette burns in the backseat. The door was all scratched up. The tires were broken.

They broke the shifter off. You guys can't see the way they smell, right? All you get to see is the damage on the cars. But these cars smell so bad. That's why I always take Tony, because I'm never driving them back. Like, for me, the way they feel. And it gets grosses me so much, it grosses me out. He drove it with gloves, and he had the windows down. And that was the only time you wore a mask?

Yeah, that day, it was not fun.

It was ridiculous. And that car sucks because we had to replace all four wheels. We do all that stuff. And it was an hour dime because Michael made a mistake. There was no legitimate insurance for it. There was nothing. And that's the biggest problem in a car rental, is when you're a car rental owner like myself, and you have an employee who is having a bad day, it only takes one bad rental to ruin you. Right. And luckily, that that particular situation. We caught it before it went too far. And I think the reason we caught it was because they lost the key.

So we came out there with the spare.

We had to go with the spare, and they never brought us back the key. And a rolls royce key is $5,000, so don't lose a rolls royce key. But ah, that particular situation, we went and had to pay about $25,000 to $30,000 in repairing the car. We had to releather the whole rear seat. I mean, the whole thing was broken. The trunk had some spilled stuff in it. I mean, it was just disgusting. I was so mad. And the the biggest thing about these.

Cars, when people get in and smoking them, don't they use the window? Everybody uses the cup holders.

That's true. Yeah. There was so much ash in that car, and it was terrible. I started getting mad, and now I want to go backfire. Michael. Michael, if you're watching this video, you're lucky that we're 30 minutes away from the office right now, because I'll cool down by then. So, number three, do you remember that.

White ghost that we took from that back alley that day? We thought it was stolen, and we.

Drove it out where it was right.

By that black and silver ghost. That was another one. I forgot all about that.

That one wasn't in that bad a shape, but they had it for three wheels for free. Oh, yeah. We had to replace the wheels. That was a whole curb.

So number three, so, like, half repo, half accident, was the Ferrari FA tributo.

Beautiful car. Oh, yeah. On its first rental.

Yeah, that was a tough one. The renter said basically, I'm sorry about this.

Okay, if I can we can blur you.

Yeah, we can blur you, but we have to get a statement for the.

Insurance company on the road. I went to alert with the front driver's side, and it was right on the left side, and then I draped a little bit of that little kind of little like the brush on the side. Like the brush on the side? Yeah, in the middle. In the middle of the in the.

Middle, yeah, I hit a rock that was in the street. After we did some little investigative he.

Must have hit a rock about about this big, because the car was total.

He hit the rock the size of the curb.

Yeah, he did hit the rock the size of a curb. You hit a median, you hit you you hit a building. There's not a rock this the rock makes up the building, but you hit the whole thing. That car super sucked because his insurance was the worst to deal with. They ended up paying for the damages, but they didn't give us the fair value on the car. We didn't get loss of use, and it was a fight. He himself was a really nice guy.

Yeah, he was. But one of those times where you're just embarrassed by what happened.

The problem is that when you don't communicate, it makes everything worse. Right. So he was a nice guy, and I do appreciate his kindness on the phone and his willingness to work with us, but at the end of the day, when you make poor decisions. You need to man up, and you need to come out, and you need to be like, look, I hit this thing. I was drunk, or I was this, or I wasn't paying attention. I was on my phone. It doesn't really matter. Same thing that happened with our sto, right? Our sto had a very similar accident. Now, that's still an ongoing investigation. Unfortunately, it's been about six months, so we're going to hear about that one in 2022.


It's a good story. It's also a really unique story. Very. So look forward to that one. But with these particular cases, it's just it's just a matter of responsibility. It is. Right? We go out there, we pick it up, and we lose the car with the first rental car, 356 miles on it. 356 miles. And we bought it with 200 miles. So he put on 156 miles, which we can see. Which we can see, and then wrecked it and then just walked away. So let's go to number two.

Number two. The white lamborghini that was abandoned in the middle of the desert.

That was a funny story because it made the local news. It did. And I think we found out about it by the higher patrol calling us and saying, hey, is this your car?

He knew it was our car based on houston's history, that's for sure. The name crossed the rings bells at metro.

Yeah, all over Nevada, actually, which is a bad thing. If anybody is working here in the police department. I love you guys, okay? I mean, no one will touch ins. Not my fault. All right.

This one was, which is he was very cool about it. He was really, really nice about it.

So this guy that was driving this car was definitely drunk. And who rented this car to this guy? That was Michael.

Yeah, it was.

It was 100% Michael. Michael is definitely leaving some leniency on the table. So if you're a scam artist or you want to steal from us, please make sure you're in from Michael. Tony, it's not going to get past him. No, it's definitely not getting past me. No. Well, Mario doesn't work up front, so Michael is your only option. So if you guys need to get a quick come up, come on down to royalty and give Michael your money. That being said, the white hurricane guy was driving.

It was rented to his girlfriend.


It was her birthday. She was like, oh, this is my gift to him, and about it had to have been. Half hour later, we get the call from metro. Hey, we your car was involved in a chase. It's over here on the side of the 15. And I'm thinking, okay, it's on the side of the 15th.

Pulled over nobody. High speed chase.

High speed chase on a Sunday when California traffic is backed up to basically.

Our office, like, 20 miles back.

Yeah, it's awful. So we hit the GPS, just double check where it is, and it's off the 15.

It's kind of weird. It's in the middle of the desert. He was driving on a service road. Like service road. Like, it was like, whoop, dews and jumps. I mean, it was literally like an off road area driving the hurricane down like normal. The guy literally thought he was on the road. His brain wasn't screwed on right or something, and he was just driving down the road, and he legitimately thought so. The police were chasing him on this dirt road, going 15, 20 miles an hour the whole time. And they finally he gets kind of caught in a ditch, and they finally stop him. They arrest him. We go pick up the car. It's so deep in the desert, the tow truck actually gets stuck. And Beer and Tony get stuck in the desert. What's really crazy is the lambo did it get stuck. The truck did. So they ended up getting it out. And it was one of those times.

Where I was like, oh, my God. If I have to call Houston and tell him we got this tow truck stuck, I said, we are getting this tow truck out. We are not calling Houston. Tell him we got the tow truck stuck.

Good time.

You couldn't just put the wheel lift up, guys, by the way, it's rear wheel drive truck, all wheel drive. Can't just pull it out the front wheel.

Yeah, that was one of the comments on the video. But number two is pretty funny. No injuries, nobody got hurt, nothing else. But number one is the worst thing that has ever happened to royalty exotic cars. It is the most complicated, the most frustrating, and the largest amount of money we have lost in our company's history. We had a nice little lady come by and rent our hellcat. And our hellcat was in many, many, many accidents over his life. Everybody. It was in probably four or five different accidents. It was stolen quite a few times or, you know, taken back. Nothing in 2021 except this one incident. And the reason why it only happened once in 2021 was because it sat most of its life in a police impound yard. Yeah. So the gist of the story here is a nice little lady comes and rents the car for three days and says she's going to go to California. She pays for it, everything is good. We get her all set up, we do the contract, and she goes. So on the second day, we're just monitoring the cars in general, and we see the cars just sitting outside dodger Stadium, just kind of sitting there.

So like, oh, she must be just relaxing, maybe going to the game or doing something. On the third day, it's in the same spot, doesn't move. The fourth day, she doesn't come back. We're like, you know, you're going to be late. We send her a text because she was due back the morning of the fourth day, and it's 07:00 at night, and the car hasn't moved yet on the third day. And we're getting a little worried that something happened. Now, normally I'm just like, okay, pull the GPS out of the car. Something happened like that. We have multiple GPS in the car, so we always have a fail safe. But both of them were saying the same data. I don't really understand what people go through in their mind, but sometimes people rent cars and don't drive them, okay? Whatever price they are, $1,000 or $10, it doesn't really matter. So I was like, it's weird, but it's not crazy. Fourth day comes, doesn't move. Okay, let me call her. She's saying, oh, I'm so sorry. I just woke up. She gave me all these excuses, yada, yada, yada, we're on our way back right now.

So I said, okay. Cool. Doesn't matter. Fifth day, car is still there. I said, all right, now we got to go get the car.

And it had turned on that everything was working.

It was actually on the fourth day, it had turned on, and it drove about two blocks down the street and it went back. So it had moved one time in those three days, so I wasn't able to go there. And this happens a lot, right? People just don't bring them back. And I'm thinking, you know what?

This time we were like, oh, this is going to be quick.

We'll pick up the car, or whatever. So I sent cedric and my team that was working at the orange county store, and I said, just go over there. I'll give you guys a spare key, and you just take care of it. So go pick up the car, we'll make a new key, we'll be done. And that's that. So they get there and they go to this guy's house. The car is in the driveway. cedric goes in, he gets the car back, puts it in the street, and in the meantime, the father of the person who had possession of the car came out and said, what are you guys doing? You're stealing my son's car. So here's where it gets wild. Now you guys can go through and watch this video. It's very good. It's got millions of views. I think it's got a lot of views, at least I don't know how many, but it's a really long story. I'm going to give you the gist of it. The guy's dad says, my son just bought this car. The son comes home, he's a police officer for the county corrections in Los Angeles. He buys this car on offer up from a guy in a parking lot for $36,000 is a hellcat for 50, 60 grand easy at the time.

And he gives them all cash. The guy gives him a title, signs off on it. So we're sitting here like, what are you talking about? I got the title over here.

This is my car.

It's my car. Like, give me my keys. I got to go, man. This is getting ridiculous. The cop seized the car because this title is this, and the guy is a police officer, and they want to give the benefit of doubt. anyways, long story short, some fishy shits going on big time. I think we uncovered a stolen car ring and all this stuff, and everybody's kind of ignoring it. But if you go through and watch those videos, a police officer paid $36,000 cash for a car on offer up, which is a little fishy, and did not drive it in the first three days of his possession. So I don't know guys on that title. Wrong year. It was the wrong year. Wrong year on missing part of the vin number, 16 digits, not 17. But the moral of the story is it had a toilet, a license plate on it. If I'm going to buy a car, I'm going to drive a living shit out of it. When I bought this car right here, I drove it for three days straight. I didn't get out of it all. Damn.

Lfa I don't think you buy a hellcat and not drive the shit out of it.

That's the truth, right? Bought it, parts of this house, three days. Drove to the gas station once. Doesn't make any sense, right? It never did. anyways, I lost the money of the car. I lost five months of rental. I lost all the inbound fees. The police held that car for four and a half months, but not released it to me.

Also told us, and it was on the paperwork when we picked it up, that they called us to pick up that car four days after.

And there's such a lie reported everything. I've been down. I would love to have pursued the police department and all this stuff and really taken it farther, but unfortunately, it just wasn't worth it. And I'm not down to spend more money to make nothing. Some fishy shit goes down in La. Don't rent cars in La. That's a given. And if you're going to rent cars to anybody, don't let them go to La. We've actually stopped all La traffic. I don't care who you are. You could have rented for me 500 times, and you're still not going to La. No, Tony's not going to La. In my car. He might steal a car. We don't know. We don't know anything that's going on in La.

That's right.

La. Changes people, okay?

Especially right now.

Right now, nobody ever called to see.

Who the renter was from the lapd.

No one. So nobody called, nothing. They didn't want any information. They knew it was going on, and they're ignoring every part of it. That's my that's my two cent, my.

Story, and I'm sticking to it.

Yeah. So that being said, those are the top five repossessions incidences that happened at Royalty in 2020. Pretty 2021. Pretty epic year. We got through it. We're onto 2022. I'm excited. I want to get through 2022 pretty quick. 21 went by really fast. But I want to get over this. I want to get back to normality. We've been saying that for three years now. Let's just get this shit done and let's get back to the good times at Royalty where we got people just getting normal speeding tickets and not just doing weird shit in cars. So you guys enjoy the year. Happy holidays. I'm going to leave you with that. And Mario is going to give away some free merch at the end of this video to make everybody super happy. Thank you for bearing with us for, like, 30 minutes. I don't even know how long this video is. I'm super cold, 36 degrees outside, sit in front of my house, and I'm.

About to go in, like, subscribe all that good stuff. Stay tuned in for everything that comes in 2022.

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